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Full Armor Firearms Employees armed themselves with rifles to confront robbers.

Full Armor Firearms Gun Store Robbers Started Shooting, Employees Respond With The Awesome Firepower Of An AR-15

Houston, Texas – Houston police have robbers in custody after a break-in attempt went terribly wrong…for them.


BREAKING: Illegal Anti-Trump Protest Shutting Down Roads In DC

Washington DC – A group of anti-Trump protesters have started blocking traffic in DC Tuesday evening.

Cuba will still harbor the terrorist Assata Shakur (left), Trooper Werner Foerster's (right) killer.

U.S. Signs Agreement With Cuba On Law Enforcement, Allows Cuba To Harbor Terrorists Like Cop-Killer Assata Shakur

Washington DC – The Obama administration has signed a historic law enforcement agreement with Cuba, but notably absent from the agreement is for Cuba to stop harboring terrorists.

A bill introduced by Keith Kempenich would protect motorists who unintentionally run over protesters.

Bill By Rep. Keith Kempenich Aims To Protect Motorists Who Run Over Protesters Standing In The Roadway

A North Dakota republican has introduced a bill to protect motorists who run over protesters who are blocking the roadway.

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Rice Lake Police Save Residents When Suicidal Man, Joseph Zunker, Blows Up His Entire Apartment Building

Rice Lake, WI – Rice Lake police saved residents from an apartment complex after a suicidal man called dispatch threatening to blow up his apartment building.

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Eight Shot, Including Five Children At Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Shooting At Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Miami-Dade County, Florida – Eight people were shot, including four teenagers and an 11-year-old, during a celebration honoring Martin Luther King Jr. According…

Noor Salman was arrested for aiding Omar Mateen in the Pulse nightclub terrorist attack.

FBI Arrests Noor Salman, Wife Of Pulse Nightclub Terrorist For Aiding Him

San Francisco, CA – The FBI has arrested Noor Salman, the wife of Omar Mateen, the man who shot and killed 49 people and wounded dozens of others in the Orlando Pulse nightclub terrorist attack.

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BREAKING: Two Bonner County Deputies Shot In Idaho

Blanchard, ID – Two Bonner County Sheriff’s Office deputies have reportedly been shot Monday afternoon.

Walmart fired Officer Michael Zuby for coming to store while armed.

Taylor Police Officer Michael Zuby Fired From Off-Duty Job At Walmart for Carrying Firearm Into Store While On Duty

When Officer Michael Zuby went to Walmart while in uniform and on-duty, he wasn’t expecting to get fired.

#DISRPUTJ20 was hosted by American University while they held classes to teach protesters how to disrupt Inauguration Day.

American University Hosts Training Of Inauguration Disrupters, Bans Media

Washington, D.C. – American University allowed training for major, planned protests at President-elect Trump’s Inauguration events this past weekend.

Blue Lives Matter national spokesmen Randy Sutton (pictured) host Blue Lives Radio.

Blue Lives Radio: Walmart Fires Officer Michael Zuby, For Carrying A Gun

In True David vs Goliath like-fashion, Pennsylvania Police Officer Michael Zuby takes on Retail Giant Walmart for wrongful termination. We’ll talk to Officer Michael Zuby and his attorney today on Blue Lives Radio.

A May River High School student was suspended for throwing the volleyball at the officer.

May River HS Student Knocks Officer Off Bike In ‘Prank,’ Records The Whole Thing

Bluffton, SC – A video has been going viral which shows a May River High School student throwing a volleyball at a police officer to knock her off of her bike.

Sgt. Alex Mathew Dean Taylor was found unresponsive at Fort Hood on Wednesday.

Police And Army Investigating Deaths Of 11 Fort Hood Soldiers

Fort Hood, Texas – Police and army investigators are looking into the mysterious deaths of 11 Fort Hood soldiers.

DC Police will not be able to run on their body cameras at inauguration day protests.

DC Police Prohibited From Having Body Cameras On At Inauguration Day Protests

Washington DC – All DC Police Officers have recently been outfitted with body cameras, but they will be in serious trouble if they have them on during the Inauguration Day protests.

NYPD K9 Hunter died January 13, 2017.

Hero NYPD K9 Hunter Dies

New York City – Hero NYPD K9 Hunter, an 11-year-old German Shepherd, died on January 13, 2017.