UPDATE: Warwick Reinstates Thin Blue Line To Village Street After Pro-Police Pressure

Warwick thin blue line

UPDATE: Warwick Reinstates Thin Blue Line To Village Street After Pro-Police Pressure

WARWICK NY – In October, the village of Warwick, New York honored their by police by painting a thin blue line between two yellow lines down one street of their town- a show of support that has been taken on by cities and towns across the country. But because the thin blue line was apparently offensive to some, the line was change.

As we reported, local government officials received complaints and became concerned that supporters of the anti-police hate group Black Lives Matter would be offended by the public show of support for their police. So a week ago the village changed the line, which runs approximately 100 yards on Railroad Avenue, from blue to red, white and blue, in an attempt to compromise with a group who promotes violence against police.

One could have argued however that even painting the lines red, white and blue would be viewed as equally offensive by the Black Lives Matter group considering the content of their hateful rhetoric and the disrespectful actions of its supporters, including sitting or kneeling during our National Anthem. 

But thankfully Warwick has since regained its senses.

On Tuesday, according to the Times Herald-Record, Mayor Michael Newhard announced that the line will return to blue as a result of pressure from advocates of police. With the line, the mayor said that the village will install a plaque explaining the history and significance of the “thin blue line” and how it symbolizes the line between chaos and order.

“We reached a compromise,” Mayor Newhard told the Times Herald-Record. He said that the decision to return the line to blue was the result of a series of meetings with groups both for and against supporting the police. One of the most vocal of the pro-police representatives were from members of a group called “The Thin Blue Line Group”. 

There were also community members who indicated that the blue line ignored the concerns of the Black Lives Matter organization, presumably considering the show of support to police is offensive to its members. Of course the show of public support for law enforcement would be offensive for a political organization whose mission is to attack the men and women who provide law and order.

But because of the outstanding support of the community, in particular the dedicated members of the “Thin Blue Line Group”, the people of the village of Warwick New York will once again be able to show their support for those who dedicate their lives to protect them. The mayor said that blue line will be repainted as soon as weather permits.

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