Vincent Palmer Fakes Abduction, Commits Arson, Blames KKK, Over Ex-Girlfriend

Vincent Palmer staged abduction

Vincent Palmer The Liar

Vincent Palmer Fakes Abduction, Commits Arson, Blames KKK, Over Ex-Girlfriend

Volusia County, FL –   Last week, in a three-day span, a suspect, Vincent Palmer, set his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle on fire, staged a hate crime, faked his own abduction and was arrested twice.  His motive was to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend, Stacie Winn, and avoid paying child support.

According to news sources, the plans of Vincent Palmer III, age 27, began last Friday, December 09, 2016.  He left his job as a forklift driver shortly before 4:30 a.m. and drove toward the residence of his ex-girlfriend.  He stopped once and filled a Mountain Dew bottle with gasoline.  When Palmer arrived at Winn’s residence, he taped a hand-written note to her mailbox.  On one side, the note said: “I HAVE WATHED [sic] YOU FOR A LONG TIME YOU AND YOUR NI**ER KIDS DON’T Belong.”  On the other side of the note, Palmer wrote “TRUMP”.

Palmer then picked up a brick from a neighbor’s yard and threw it through a back window of Winn’s vehicle, a Chevrolet Sonic.  He then poured gasoline over the back seat of the vehicle, used a burning piece of paper to start a fire, and fled on his scooter.  Neighbors called 911 after seeing the burning vehicle, and banged on the door to the residence to make sure no one was hurt.

Winn called the Ormond Beach PD after being woke up by the neighbors.  She then called Palmer, who showed up on his scooter and brought her coffee and cigarettes.  Winn said that she talked with Palmer about what had just happened, and that he became nervous when she told him detectives were going to be able to get fingerprints from the note.  She said that Palmer asked if the police could do that.  Ormond Beach Officers who were still on the scene noticed that Palmer seemed nervous, talked with him, and checked to see if he had any outstanding warrants.  A warrant for non-payment of child support was found, Palmer was arrested, and placed in jail.  He made bond a short time later by paying some of the child support that was owed.

After Vincent Palmer was released from jail, he vanished.  On Sunday, December 11, 2016, Palmer’s sister found bloody fingerprints on her vehicle and her brother’s jacket in the street.  She also found a hand-written note nearby that said “KKK. I hate black men who fuck with white women. You will never see your grandson again alive.”  Palmer’s sister, who lives in Daytona Beach, was worried and called 911 to report him missing.  During her call with the 911 dispatcher, Palmer’s sister said that things just didn’t add up.  She said that Vincent Palmer didn’t live with her, and she had only seen him occasionally in the past few weeks.  The 911 dispatcher asked Palmer’s sister if she was aware of any issues that he might have with anyone.  She said she told the dispatcher that he had been having issues with his girlfriend.  According to Palmer’s sister, he has four children under the age of five with Winn.  She said that they were in an on-again, off-again relationship, had broken up again last March, 2016, and that Winn caught him cheating on her with another woman who was pregnant with his child.

Daytona Beach PD Officers began searching for Palmer and notified nearby jurisdictions that he was missing. One of those other agencies was the Ormond Beach PD, who tracked Palmer’s cell phone and located him eating at a local Burger King.  When Ormond Beach Officers arrived at the Burger King, Palmer initially lied about his name and said it was Raquel Johnson.  Officers continued to interview him and Palmer admitted that he had lied about his name.  He provided his real name and then confessed to the arson, the staged hate crime and the staged kidnapping.  Palmer said that he wrote the note found at the arson scene before he went to work that day.  He also said that the blood from the fingerprints on his sister’s car was his, where he had pricked his own finger and spread the blood around. Vincent Palmer was arrested again and charged with Second Degree Arson.  He is in the Volusia County Jail with no bond allowed.

What do you think should happen to suspects to stage hate crimes?

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