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VIDEO: University Exec. Has Meltdown, Berates Cops After Driver Hits Cop Car

Rutgers - Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor had to apologize to police after bodycam surfaced of her terrible behavior.

Newark, NJ – The chancellor of the Newark campus of Rutgers University has issued an apology to police after bodycam video was released of her behavior following a minor traffic accident earlier this year (video below).

The incident occurred on March 3 when Rutgers – Newark Chancellor Nancy Cantor’s driver clipped the back of a police car while pulling out of a spot in front of the chancellor’s office at the corner of Washington and New Streets, NJ Advance Media reported.

Bodycam video showed that as the Newark police began to collect information for a police report, Cantor went ballistic, insisting she be allowed to leave for the airport, the video showed.


Officers asked the 67-year-old Cantor and her driver to remain at the scene while they collected basic information, NJ Advance Media reported.

But Cantor went ballistic at the request.

“I’m the chancellor!” she yelled in the video.

And then she threatened the officers.

“If I miss my plane, you folks are in trouble,” Cantor warned without a hint of humor in her voice.

Bodycam video showed she continued to rant throughout the stop and claimed she was being “held hostage.”

When she was asked for identification, the chancellor screamed at the officers that she wasn’t driving the car and refused to provide it.


Further complicating matters, several members of Cantors staff joined the fray in front of the office building and demanded the officers let their boss leave, the video showed.

“She’s on university business. Would you do this if she was the President of the United States?” one staff member asked in the video.

The chancellor continued to take umbrage at the fact her vehicle would be stopped for a minor accident, despite the fact the officers told her they were following procedure.

“I’d like to see them do this to President Barchi,” Cantor said in the video, referring to the Rutgers University President Robert Barchi.

Eventually, officers got approval from their superiors to release the chancellor’s vehicle and Cantor left for the airport, NJ Advance Media reported.

The bodycam video painted a very unflattering portrait of the Rutgers senior official and when it was brought to the university’s attention, Cantor issued an apology.

“The chancellor just recently saw the video of the incident from several months ago and reached out to the officers with an apology. They have responded with appreciation for her sentiments,” the university said in a statement.


Rutgers-Newark Police Chief Carmelo “John” Huertas accepted the chancellor’s apology, NJ Advance Media reported.

“I appreciate Chancellor Cantor taking the time to review the video. I along with the RUPD are appreciative of her kind words and support. The sentiment is extremely appreciated and we look forward to continuing a positive working relationship with the Rutgers-Newark Chancellor’s Office,” Chief Huertas said.

Officials at Rutgers University’s main campus in New Brunswick said they were satisfied with Cantor’s apology, NJ Advance Media reported.

“The chancellor saw the video, apologized and her apology was accepted by those involved. There is really nothing to add to that,” Rutgers University Senior Vice President for External Affairs Peter McDonough said.

Cantor was president of Syracuse University for 10 years before she stepped down in 2013, NJ Advance Media reported.

University records showed that she earned a salary of $417,758, plus a $56,815 bonus, from Rutgers in 2018.

Cantor’s position also comes with penthouse in the top of a new skyscraper and university car and driver, NJ Advance Media reported.

Watch the chancellor melt down in the video below:


Sandy Malone - June Mon, 2019


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