WATCH: Internet Blames Woman For Causing Head-On Collision By Twerking Next To Roadway

Video shows a twerking woman cause a head-on crash.

Video shows a twerking woman cause a head-on crash.

Twerking Woman Blamed For Causing Major Collision

A woman who was twerking next to a roadway is being blamed for causing a collision which almost killed a motorcyclist in a head-on crash.

The video, which took place in the Ukraine, shows a woman twerking next to the roadway. As a motorcycle was roaring by, the a BMW driver who was distracted by the twerking woman, swerved into the path of the motorcycle, causing them to crash head-on.

The motorcyclist went flying and somersaulted through the air. The twerker starts to wail in panic as the camerawoman yells, “Masha, are you stupid? Call an ambulance. (translated)”

The motorcyclist then appeared on the camera, seemingly lifeless in the roadway. However, the motorcyclist survived with a broken pelvis and leg, according to Daily Mail.

More than one million people have now viewed the video since it was first uploaded on Sunday, with the internet commenters split between blaming the woman and blaming the driver. The driver was clearly rubbernecking and had responsibility for staying in their lane. However, denizens of the internets are demanding to know why the woman was dancing next to a roadway.

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You can see the video of the incident below: