VIDEO: Crowd Threatens Anybody Who Tries To Help Officer While He Fights With Suspect Alone

Video shows a Phoenix officer struggling with Delores Imboden outside of Walmart.

Video shows a Phoenix officer struggling with Delores Imboden outside of Walmart.

Video Of Phoenix Officer At Walmart Results In Claims Of Police Brutality Against Thief, Delores Imboden

Phoenix, Arizona – A Phoenix Police Department officer was captured on video fighting with unruly suspect, Delores Imboden, while surrounded by a hostile crowd.

If you want to see the video before you know what happened, then skip to the video at the bottom.

12News reports that the incident started when Walmart security and a police officer saw Delores Imboden, 26, putting merchandise in a duffel bag before starting to walk out of the store.

When the officer approached Imboden, she dropped the duffel bag and ran out the door, then jumped into a car being driven by Steven Katzeek.

The Phoenix officer chased after Imboden and tried to remove her from the vehicle in order to place her under arrest. The video starts shortly afterwards.

Delores Imboden can be heard screaming that she was being choked and beaten while the officer was just trying to pull her from the vehicle. Imboden’s screaming drew a crowd of dozens of hostile people who heckled the officer.

Katzeek was ordered to turn the car off, which he refused to do. At one point the officer threatened to shoot Katzeek if he started to drive off with the officer hanging half way out of the car.

After Katzeek refused to turn the car off, the officer reached over to grab the keys from the ignition. Imboden responded by biting the officer. The officer then responded by striking Imboden to prevent her from further biting him.

The crowd became extremely hostile and called out threats at the officer and threatened people who looked like they were going to try to help the officer.

While the officer continued to struggle to get Imboden out of the car, Katzeek began to hang onto Imboden, holding her in the car as the officer tried to remove her. The officer finally pepper sprayed Katzeek to get him to let go of Imboden.

Other officers then arrived on scene and they were able to place Imboden and Katzeek under arrest.

Phoenix police recovered the stolen merchandise and drug paraphernalia from the couple.

Imboden was booked for resisting arrest, shoplifting, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Katzeek was booked for hindering prosecution.

You can see the video of the incident here: