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VIDEO: NJ Basketball Players Brutally Attack JV Coach Who Tried To Stop Bullies

The JV basketball coach at a Newark high school was attacked and beaten after he tried to stop a bullying incident.

Newark, NJ – A junior varsity basketball coach in New Jersey was attacked and beaten by his own players on Tuesday night (video below).

The incident occurred at about 9 p.m. on Feb. 4, right after the team bus arrived back at Malcolm X. Shabazz High School in Newark after a game against Livingston, the New York Post reported.

Sources told WABC the attack occurred after the basketball coach tried to stop his players from bullying another student.

That’s when the players stopped picking on their target and turned on the JV coach instead.

Terrifying cell phone videos showed students surrounding the coach and him starting to back away, and then run, as he realized what was happening.

The video showed three players taking the coach – dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt – to the ground.

Just then, a fourth student ran up and kicked the coach.

More players joined the melee and several students kicked the coach as one student sat atop the man and started punching him, the video showed.

Bystanders yelled “stop” and “chill” as more students joined the group attacking the basketball coach.

The teen sitting on him rained down blows one after another and nobody appeared to try to stop him in the video.

The coach appeared to curl up and put his hands over his head for protection.

A student in a basketball uniform shirt bearing the number 7 repeatedly kicked the coach in the head, almost jumping on his head, as the video ended.

All of the students involved in the attack have been suspended by no arrests have been made thus far, according to WABC.

“Our detectives are investigating this incident to identify and to appropriately charge those individuals involved,” Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose said. “Because high school students are typically juveniles, the names of the suspects will not be released. But those found to have participated in this senseless act of violence will face criminal charges.”

The mayor of Newark told WABC that he was displeased by what he saw in the video.

“I spoke to the superintendent, principal, coaches and team,” Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said. “The actions of these students will not be tolerated, and they don’t represent the majority of the school. The school and team have many great kids, who go on to college and do great things, and we’re proud of them. We support the superintendent and principal and will do whatever we can to make the rest of the year successful.”

Numerous Malcolm X. Shabazz High School students and parents called vicious attack shameful and said the students involved should be punished to the greatest extent possible.

“It’s kind of embarrassing,” student Nashawn Holmes told WABC. “We should be getting seen for better things, like our community, our teams.”

Students said that while the basketball team melee was bad, it was not atypical of the behavior that goes on after students leave school on a daily basis.

Watch the players beat their coach in the video below:

Sandy Malone - February Fri, 2020


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