Video: Newington Police Officer Dragged 500 Feet Down Road

Dashcam video shows a Newington police officer being dragged 500 feet.

Dashcam video shows a Newington police officer being dragged 500 feet.

Newington Police Officer Dragged On Video

Newington, CT – A Newington police officer was dragged about 500 feet down the road when he tried to stop a shoplifting suspect.

On Saturday at around 2:50 PM, Newington Police Department responded to a shoplifting at the Best Market. A male and female suspect were seen stealing $190 in beer. The female suspect was arrested on scene, but the male left.

A Newington Police Officer observed the male suspect driving nearby and he initiated a traffic stop. As the officer was approaching the vehicle, he observed the suspect reach for a handgun on the dashboard. A struggle ensued, and the suspect started driving with the officer being dragged along. The officer was dragged almost 500 feet before he was able to free himself.

You can see the video here:

Newington Police Department issued this update:

The Newington Police Department has identified the suspect involved in the Best Market shoplifting and subsequent dragging of a Newington Police Officer as Joshua Coonradt DOB 112979.

After the suspect vehicle was recovered, Newington Detectives reached out to Hartford Police and shared all available suspect information. Hartford officers began to search for the suspect and located him in the area of Elliott Street in their city. Coonradt was arrested by Hartford Police for charges stemming from their contact with him. Coonradt is currently in Dept.of Corrections custody.

Newington Detectives completed an arrest warrant for the charges of Assault on a Police Officer, Reckless Endangerment 1st Degree, Larceny 3 Degree, Larceny 6 Degree, Conspiracy to commit Larceny 6 Degree, Reckless Driving, Misuse of Registration Plates, Operating a Motor Vehicle while under Suspension, and Disobeying the Signal of an Officer. The warrant was signed in New Britain Superior Court and will be served on Friday 021717.

The arrest warrants holds a S150,000 bond.

The Newington Police Department would like to thank Hartford P.D. and Wethersfield P.D. for their assistance in locating the suspect.

The officer only sustained minor injuries from being dragged, even though it very well could have been much worse.

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