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VIDEO: Mom Confronts Boys Bullying Daughter In Class

An irate parent of a bullied 8th Grade girl threatened to beat up the adult female relatives of the bully boys involved.

Laguna Nigel, CA – An Orange County mother, fed up with the bullying her 8th Grade daughter was enduring from boys in her class, showed up at school to challenge the bullies’ parents to fight and passed out paper tickets for free a– whoopings (video below).

KTLA reported that the mother barged into the Niguel Hills Middle School classroom during second period on Tuesday.

The mother had been to see school officials the week before to express concern about how her daughter was being bullied by boys in her 8th Grade class.

School officials told KTLA that they thought the problem was handled.

But it wasn’t.

The boys continued bullying the girl on social media over the weekend, prompting the mother to return to the school and hand out tickets for “free a– whoopings” in the classroom.

In the video of the incident filmed by a student who was present, the mother stood at the front of the classroom next to the teacher to deliver her rant.

“That’s messing with my daughter. She’s a girl, y’all are boys, okay? If y’all go near my daughter, if you look at her the wrong way, if you breathe the wrong way,” the woman threatened.

“She’s a girl. Y’all are boys, ok?” the mother continued. “If y’all bully my daughter, if you look at her the wrong way, if you breathe the wrong way, send your mom to me. Sisters, aunts, anybody over 18, I’ll f–k them all up. Do you understand me?”

“Leave my daughter alone and I’m not gonna say it again,” she warned. “Any mom. Any sister, can catch these hands, okay?

“I mean no messages online, don’t post nothing about her. None of that. None of that. Y’all don’t know me. Y’all think y’all are bullies? I’m a big bully. Okay?” the mother informed them.

“Leave my daughter alone and I mean it. If I have to come up here again, there’s gonna be a problem,” she threatened.

The irate mother told her daughter’s classmates that if the people bullying her daughter were girls, she would tell her daughter to meet them outside after school and fight them.

“But since you guys are boys and she can’t do anything, tell your moms, tell your sisters, tell your aunties, cousins, whoever, as long as you’re over 18, we can handle it any day,” the mother said.

Then she gestured off-camera to some paper tickets she had brought with her to distribute amongst the class.

“Pick ‘em up. A– whoopings. A– whoopings for free! For free! You don’t even have to pay for it,” she announced.

“You gotta leave her alone and I mean it,” the mother ended her tirade as she walked toward the classroom’s door.

At least one student cheered and others began applauding before the video ended.

Niguel Hills Principal Tim Reece sent an email out to parents after the incident that said the teacher had called the front office for help and an assistant principal responded to escort the parent out of the school, the Orange County Register reported.

He also said they didn’t know how the parent had gotten into the school in the first place.

The Capistrano Unified School District announced that the mother had been banned from the middle school’s campus after the incident and said the incident was being investigated, according to the Orange County Register.

Watch the enraged mother’s rant in the video below:

Sandy Malone - May Fri, 2019


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