VIDEO: Cell Phone Video Of GOP Baseball Shooting Committed By James Hodgkinson

Video captured part of the gunfight when James Hodgkinson opened fired at a GOP baseball practice.

Video captured part of the GOP baseball shooting gunfight when James Hodgkinson opened fire.

GOP Baseball Shooting By James Hodgkinson Captured On Cell Phone Video

Alexandria, VA – Cell phone video has been released which shows the congressional baseball shooting committed by James Hodgkinson on Wednesday. In the video, posted by New York Post you can see the confusion as the shooter opened fire from some distance away (video below.)

The incident occurred just after 7:00 AM on East Monroe Street in Del Ray, near a YMCA, when Hodgkinson began firing with a semi-automatic rifle from behind third base.  Representative Scalise, who is also the House Majority Whip, was near second base when he was shot in the hip, and the aide was shot in the chest.

Two Capitol Police Officers were shot and were instrumental in winning the gunfight.

“We were like sitting ducks,” Senator Rand Paul, told Fox News. “Without the Capitol Hill police it would have been a massacre.”

“We had nothing but baseball bats to fight back against a rifle with,” Rep. Mo Brooks told CNN. ” And I tell you, those two security details, those two Capitol police officers, they showed incredible bravery — pistols against a rifle — from a 90- to 120-feet distance. As you know, that kind of distance heavily favors the rifle. ”

As many as five people including the shooter were shot as the gunfight erupted between the shooter, Capitol police, and the security detail for the Congressmen.  Representative Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican, said he was hiding behind a plastic barrier used to protect people from foul balls.  He said that he rushed to a dugout to help a staffer, and used his belt as a tourniquet for the staffer, who had been shot in the calf.

The Congressional Baseball game was scheduled for Thursday night at Nationals Park, according to The New York Daily News. 

It is reported that an unknown staffer used a belt as a tourniquet on Representative Steve Scalise’s wound to stop the bleeding. Scalise is described as laying by himself for at least 10 minutes as others were pinned down during the shooting.

The gunfight is estimated to have lasted 10 minutes.

In a tweet, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said, “President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were aware of the situation, and “Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected.”

President Trump issued a statement which said, “We are deeply saddened by this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the members of Congress, their staffs, Capitol Police, first responders and all others affected.”

You can see video taken during the gunfight below. WARNING: May be disturbing to some viewers.