WATCH: Fabio Attacks California’s Support For Criminals, “We Have To Stand Behind The Police…”

Fabio called out California's governor, Jerry Brown, for lying to people about Prop 57.

Fabio called out California’s governor, Jerry Brown, for lying to people about Prop 57.

Fabio Supports The Police

Fabio, an Italian immigrant, went on Fox News to stand up for police and attack the way that California is handling law enforcement (video below.)

Fabio, whose full name is Fabio Lanzoni, has spent the past 20 years living in California as an actor and model. While he just became an American citizen last year, he has plenty of experience living with California politics.

“California is a mess,” he said. “You know, coming from Europe, I already say this movie before.”

He continued, “Instead of deciding to take the side of law enforcement, Governor Jerry Brown took the sides of the criminal.”

Fabio went on to blast Governor Jerry Brown for lying to Californians when he told them that with Proposition 57 they would only be releasing non-violent criminals, but violent criminals are being dumped back into the population.

Proposition 57 was supposed to save the state money by releasing non-violent criminals. However, according to a fact check put out by the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, “non-violent” in California can mean:

  • Assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer
  • Battery with serious bodily injury
  • Solicitation to commit murder
  • Inflicting corporal injury on a child
  • First degree burglary
  • Raping an unconscious person
  • Human trafficking involving a minor
  • Participation in a street gang
  • Exploding a destructive device w/ intent to cause injury (yes, setting off a bomb in a public place)

Despite the Mayor of San Diego, two senators, over twenty five congressmen, fifty district attorneys, twenty seven sheriffs, and nineteen police chiefs opposing Prop. 57, it was voted into law with the backing of Governor Jerry Brown.

“We have to stand behind the police… Not behind the criminal.”

You can see the video of him speaking below: