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VIDEO: Enraged Suspect Threatens To Kill K9, Then Handler Releases Fur Missile

Ryan James Heater was subdued by Roseville Police K9 Lance after a disturbance at an IHOP restaurant on Saturday.

Roseville, CA – Cell phone footage captured the moment that an irate suspect was apprehended by a Roseville police K9 team outside an IHOP restaurant on Saturday (video below).

The incident began after the shirtless suspect, later identified as 24-year-old Ryan James Heater, stormed into the restaurant and began threatening customers and staff, The Sacramento Bee reported.

“This man went inside the restaurant and made a huge scene to try to get to his wife,” witness Victor Alarcon wrote in a Facebook post, along with the now-viral cellphone footage.


Alarcon said he was paying for his meal when the suspect stormed in and began yelling that he didn’t want his wife working at the restaurant, and to send her out so they could go home.

“He went into the kitchen to try to find her,” Alarcon recounted. “His wife then comes out to get him and to have him leave. His continues to stay in the restaurant and make a bigger scene. Punching doors and walls.”

At one point, Heater even jumped over the service counter, Roseville Police Department spokesman Rob Baquera told The Sacramento Bee.

The irate suspect nearly got into a physical altercation with one of the customers, resulting in Roseville police being called to the scene, Alarcon said.

Meanwhile, another customer inside the restaurant was able to get Heater outside, KCRA reported.

“One of my friends, who is a Marine, was able to pull him away, take him outside and when he was outside, that’s when the police arrived,” Alarcon told the news outlet.

A Roseville police officer and his partner, K9 Lance, were the first to arrive on the scene.


“The man was at first cooperating, but then moved around and continued to move around,” Alarcon wrote. “Police told him to stop, but he would not. That’s when I begun recording.”

The officer held his K9 partner back, and attempted to de-escalate the situation verbally without success, KOVR reported.

Heater then threatened to assault the officer, and said he would kill K9 Lance, according to police.

Cell phone footage showed Heater as he began walking towards the duo, who backed away from him momentarily.

Customers inside the restaurant screamed at Heater through the window, telling him to stop resisting.

The officer issued several warnings, but Heater continued to advance on him, police said.

He then released his K9 partner, who immediately latched onto the combative suspect and took him to the ground, the video showed.


Additional officers flocked to the scene, handcuffed the suspect, and placed him in a spit hood as he continued to fight with them.

Inside the restaurant, customers cheered.

“They’re f–king this dude up,” one witness said in the video.

“Because he assaulted the police dog,” a woman responded. “That’s like assaulting an officer!”

“I told you to get your -ss down,” another woman said.

Heater received medical treatment prior to being booked into the South Placer Jail on a resisting arrest charge, The Sacramento Bee reported.


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One officer suffered a minor injury during the brawl, police said.

“This K9 and this officer did exactly what they were trained to do,” Baquera told KCRA.

“This example is a perfect example of a situation that is not de-escalating and an officer does not have the ability or willingness to back away and stand down from a suspect who is approaching and coming on to the officer,” he said. “Not only is it a threat to the officer, the K9 partner, but also to everybody else there at the restaurant or in the community.”

Baquera noted that deploying K9 Lance was a “less-lethal option” in this dangerous situation.

You can watch footage of the Roseville K9’s encounter with Heater in the video below:

Holly Matkin - July Fri, 2019


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