VIDEO: Dramatic Footage As Phoenix Carjacker In Corvette Becomes Justifiably Dead

Phoenix officers took down a homicide suspect.

Phoenix officers took down a homicide suspect.

Video: Phoenix Officers Take Down Homicide Suspect

Phoenix, AZ – A carjacker in Phoenix was killed following a dangerous pursuit on Wednesday.

According to AZfamily, a suspect in a homicide stole a pickup and then fled from a DPS trooper who tried to stop him. While being chased, the suspect carjacked the owner of a yellow Corvette at gunpoint.

Driving his fancy new ride, the wanted man may have thought that he may get away, driving recklessly through Phoenix.

An officer in an unmarked SUV got ahead of the suspect and then rammed his car. Immediately following the officer’s intervention, a shooting occurred.

At least two officers fired their weapons and took the suspected killer out.

No officers were injured during this incident.

“We know that two officers from our special assignments unit both fired their weapons,” said Phoenix police Sgt. Alan Pfohl. “One is a 50-year-old officer with 29 1/2 years of service in the department. The other is a 45-year-with 8 1/2 years of service in the department.

Good job to these police heroes in stopping the threat to the lives of everybody in the area.

A news helicopter followed the pursuit, and captured the dramatic ending. You can see the footage here: