President Trump: No Deal With Cuba Without Return Of Cop-Killing Terrorist, Joanne Chesimard

President Donald Trump called for the return of cop-killer Joanne Chesimard.

President Donald Trump called for the return of cop-killer Joanne Chesimard.

No Deal With Cuba Without The Return Of Escaped Terrorist, Joanne Chesimard

Washington, DC – In announcing the immediate overturn of former President Obama’s “one-sided” deal with Cuba, President Trump in no uncertain terms demanded the return of “cop-killer Joanne Chesimard.”

The President spoke in a news conference on Friday, June 16, and announced tighter restrictions on Americans flying to Cuba, and “a clampdown” on U.S. business deals with Cuba’s military.  He called former President Obama’s policy “a terrible and misguided deal,” according to The Miami Herald.

Joanne Chesimard was involved in what would become one of the most notorious killings of a New Jersey law enforcement officer, Trooper Werner Foerster was gunned down on May 2nd, 1973, when he responded to assist a fellow officer on the New Jersey Turnpike.

The troopers encountered three members of the Black Liberation Army, a radical group that was responsible for the deaths of at least 10 police officers and multiple injuries to others.

The three BLA members began fighting with the Troopers and were able to disarm Trooper Foerster and kill him with his own service weapon.  Trooper James Harper was wounded but was able to return fire and kill one of the three suspects.

The two remaining killers were captured and convicted in 1977 for the murder of Foerster. Joanne Chesimard, who was also a member of the Black Panther Party, escaped from prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba in 1984.

Chesimard has since received political asylum from the communist Cuban government.

More recently, Chesimard has become a darling of the far-left who ignore the fact that she’s a killer and refer to her as a “freedom fighter” and “escaped slave.”

Days before leaving office, Obama signed a new understanding with Cuba but agreed not to call for the return of our fugitives as part of the agreement.

Bob Menendez, senior U.S. Senator from New Jersey, said, “Today’s announcement is a step in the right direction to reverse an ill-advised and misguided Cuba policy that has failed to deliver on its promises, left the Cuban people worse off, and allowed American fugitives, like wanted terrorist and cop-killer Joanne Chesimard, to escape justice.”

Colonel Rick Fuentes, head of the NJSP, said “On behalf of all the men and women of the New Jersey State Police, I am grateful for his recognition and deep concern that Cuba continues to harbor this country’s most wanted cop killers and domestic terrorists.”

“I am more hopeful than ever for the return of Joanne Chesimard to the United States to complete her term of imprisonment for the 1973 murder of Trooper Werner Foerster.”

You can see the video of President Trump calling for the return of Joanne Chesimard below: