Fallen Hero Trooper Timothy Pratt’s Identity Stolen, Used to Purchase Items

Trooper Timothy Pratt's identity was stolen by Stephen Calderon.

Trooper Timothy Pratt’s identity was stolen by Stephen Calderon.

Low-Life, Stephen Calderon, Steals Fallen Hero Timothy Pratt’s Identity

New York City –   Just days after fallen hero New York State Trooper Timothy Pratt was killed in the line of duty, a man stole his identity and purchased about $5,000 worth of items from Home Depot.

According to police sources, the investigation into this identity theft has been ongoing for almost two months.  The suspect, Stephen J. Calderon, age 31, was charged with two counts of Felony Identity Theft in New York City on Tuesday. He is in custody on $50,000 bond with a court date set for Monday, January 2, 2016.

Investigators used multiple search warrants and found evidence linking him to several incidents of identity theft. More than a dozen fake ID’s were also found.  It is believed that Calderon is part of an identity theft ring because no equipment was found to make the fake ID’s. It is not believed that Calderon specifically targeted Trooper Pratt since he was one of many victims.

According to Capt. Robert Patnaude, more charges are pending.  He also said that  “These are low individuals who take advantage of death. If thieves target deceased people, chances are slimmer it will come back to them.”

New York State Trooper Timothy Pratt, age 55, was killed when he was struck by an oncoming car after climbing off the running board of a tractor-trailer whose driver needed to make a u-turn.  The incident occurred on Ballard Road in Winton in October, 2016.  He had served as a New York State Trooper for 29 years.

On the day of Trooper Timothy Pratt’s funeral, Calderon went to a downstate Home Depot and successfully applied for a $5,000 credit card using the fallen trooper’s personal information. He bought a $1,000 washing machine at that Home Depot and then went to a different Home Depot to buy more items.  Calderon bought $4800 worth of items at the second Home Depot and went to check out.  The clerk told him that his credit line was maxed out. Calderon then tried subtracting items to get the amount under the limit of his credit line.

This raised the clerk’s suspicion and she notified Loss Prevention, who then called Trooper Timothy Pratt’s daughter to see if the purchases were legitimate.  Her answer was “No, I’m at my father’s funeral.”  The State Police immediately launched an investigation, using store surveillance video to identify Calderon’s car and license plate number. Troopers were also able to obtain a shipping address from Home Depot documents.

Thank you New York State Police for catching this low-life.

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