Smashburger Employees Disrespect Police Officers While They Eat, Chain Issues Apology

smashburger employees disrespect police

smashburger employees disrespect police

Smashburger Employees Disrespect Police Officers, Chain Issues Apology

Aurora, CO. – Smashburger employees disrespect police officers who dined at their Aurora location on Friday night. The Colorado police community was outraged for the restaurant chain’s employees inappropriate behavior while officers were eating dinner.

Smashburger is a Denver-based, fast-casual burger restaurant chain that was founded in 2007.  They operate franchises in 37 states with more than 470 corporate and franchise locations.  The burger joint is known for the technique it uses to smash a ball of ground beef on a grill to “sear in the juices.”

Aurora police were dining in the Smoky Hill & Aurora Parkway location on Friday night, when the NWA “F*** the Police” song came on.  The employees played the song on repeat while the officers dined in that night.

The next day the Brotherhood for the Fallen mentioned the incident in a Facebook post and offered Smashburger an invitation to address the incident.  By Monday morning Smashburger had released a statement.

“Dear Brotherhood For the Fallen Aurora, first and foremost, respect, honor and appreciate every police department in this country.  The regrettable events of last night in no way reflect the values or principles that are core to the Smashburger brand.  They occurred by way of the inappropriate actions by a few employees.  They, and the manager in charge, have been placed on leave pending a thorough investigation.  We apologize to the police officers affected, as well as to any of our guests who were party to this unfortunate incident.”

In response to their supporters, Brotherhood For the Fallen Aurora said, “We are happy to share Smashburger has made a statement as we anticipated ensuring they support law enforcement, and do not condone this behavior.  We can all agree this act was likely a rogue employee whose actions unfortunately reflect poorly on the entire business which is undeserving to any profession.  We applaud their immediate initiative to look into this matter, and are certain they will take any steps they deem necessary.  Sadly, instances like this happen every day, but it the accountability and actions taken that define the values of any organization.  Thank you to everyone for showing so much support and backing the blue!  We See You too, and are grateful for your support!  Let’s give Smashburger the chance they deserve to rectify any wrongdoing that may have occurred.”

Well said Brotherhood For the Fallen Aurora and thank you Smashburger for addressing this incident.