New England Patriots Call Out New York Times For Lying To People On Twitter

New York Times lied about the number of Patriots players with President Trump.

New York Times lied about the number of Patriots players with President Trump.

New York Times Caught Lying By New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have called out the New York Times for lying to people in multiple tweets about the NFL team meeting with President Trump.

On Thursday, New York Times tweeted out two photos. One photo showed the Patriots with President Obama at the White House in 2015. The second photo showed a picture of the Patriots with President Trump in 2017, showing fewer people standing with the President Trump than Obama.


The photos were clearly meant to draw the same sort of reaction as the infamous photo comparison of President Obama’s inauguration day and that of President Trump.

The only reason to tweet such a comparison photo would be to ridicule President Trump. However, the New England Patriots official Twitter account responded to the photo comparison by pointing out that New York Times was actually misleading people.


New York Times then tried to justify this by tweeting that there were fewer football players with President Trump, 34 compared to 50, even though the Patriots said that the same size delegation was sent.


The Patriots fired back again, pointing out that New York Times continued to lie to people. They responded that there were 36 players present in 2015, while in 2017 there were 34 players. One of the players, Tom Brady, was unable to attend due to personal family matters. In total, only 1 player skipped out on meeting with President Trump for political reasons.


New York Times has not responded after being humiliated for being caught twice trying to deceive people.