Hero Down: Officer Eric Mumaw Dies While Saving Suicidal Woman

Officer Eric Mumaw down.

Officer Eric Mumaw EOW 02/02/2017.

Metro Nashville Officer Eric Mumaw Dies

Nashville, TN – Metro Nashville Police Officer Eric Mumaw died in the line of duty and a second hero Metro Nashville Officer was injured after trying to save the life of a woman Thursday morning, February 02, 2017.

Metro Nashville Police Officers had responded to Peeler Park about 4:00 a.m. Thursday morning for a report of a suicidal woman.  The woman, Julie Glison, age 40, was located inside a vehicle which was parked on the boat ramp. Two Metro Nashville Officers,  fallen hero Officer Mumaw and Metro Nashville Officer Nick Diamond tried to talk to Glison for about 10 minutes.  Officer Mumaw was on the driver’s side of the vehicle and Officer Diamond was on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Glison was about to get out of the vehicle when it suddenly started moving backward down the boat ramp.  The two Officers tried to get Glison out of the vehicle.  Neither Officer could see the end of the boat ramp due to the darkness and both fell into the Cumberland River.  Both Officers were carried further into the water by the motion of the vehicle.

A third Metro Nashville Officer, Trent Craig, was also at the scene and tried to rescue the Officers.  He ran through the woods along the riverbank “tracking the Officers.”  Officer Craig was able to spot the top of Officer Mumaw’s head and jumped into the river to try to help him.  However, he was in freezing water up to his neck and was not able to reach Officer Mumaw.

Officer Craig had to be rescued but was treated at the scene and released.  Officer Diamond at one point had a grasp on Officer Mumaw but was unable to hold onto to him.  Officer Mumaw was last seen about 4:40 AM about 50-60 yards from the boat ramp. The water is estimated to be about 15 feet deep in the area and water temperature was about 49 degrees.

Officer Diamond was rescued and transported to Vanderbilt Medical Hospital for treatment.  A massive search began for missing Officer Mumaw with officers scouring the river’s banks.  Rescue boats and a helicopter were also used.

Glison was found about an hour after the incident on the riverbank.  She was transported to a hospital for further treatment for non-life threatening injuries, according to Fox 17 Nashville.  Glison is currently under criminal investigation and is in police cusody because she showed signs of impairment.

A fire department diver located Officer Eric Mumaw’s body at around 8:15 AM.

Don Aaron, Metro Police spokesman, said that both officers “made heroic efforts” to save the woman.

Don Aaron, Metro Nashville PD spokesman, said “The two officers as the car was rolling tried to make heroic efforts to save the woman who was in the vehicle.”    A Metro Nashville Fire Department spokesman said that water conditions were “brutal”, with a fast current and cold temperatures.

Metro Nashville Officer Eric Mumaw, age 44, is an 18-year veteran of the agency.   He received the Lifesaving Award from the MNPD in 2011.  In a statement, the Metro Nashville Police Department said that he  “gave his life this morning in service to Nashville,” according to ABC News.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of fallen hero Metro Nashville Officer Eric Mumaw, both blood and blue. Godspeed, sir, we will take it from here.  Thank you for your service.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with the hero Officers who tried to rescue Officer Mumaw, Officers Trent Craig and Nick Diamond.

Officer Mumaw, your life mattered.

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