New Black Panthers Leader, Quanell X, Compares Police Shooting To Assassination Of Clint Greenwood

Quanell X compared the shooting of Michael Maldonado to the assassination of Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood.

Quanell X compared the shooting of Michael Maldonado to the assassination of Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood.

Quanell X Says Police Should Have Fired Warning Shots, Compares Shooting To Assassination Of Clint Greenwood

Harris County, TX – Quanell X, leader of the Houston chapter of the New Black Panther Party, blamed the officer-involved shooting of Michael Maldonado on the failure of Harris County Deputies to find the assassin of Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood.

According to The Houston Chronicle, family and friends of Maldonado demanded justice in a press conference that was held on Sunday, April 9.

The shooting of Michael Maldonado occurred on the afternoon of April 4th about 2:15 PM. Harris County Deputies were called to 9559 Airline Drive for a report of a stolen truck, according to ABC 13. The HCSO said that four deputies in four vehicles were able to box in the truck, with Maldonado and his brother inside it.

Maldonado was the driver and he used the vehicle to try to ram the deputies.  All four deputies fired their weapons and Maldonado was shot and killed.  His brother fled but was taken into custody soon afterward.

Family members said that Maldonado had had ‘run-ins’ with the police in the past but was trying to clean up his act.  By driving a stolen truck?  By trying to ram deputies’ vehicles?

All four deputies, who were not identified, are on administrative leave, and an investigation is ongoing.  Both are standard procedure.

Quanell X, being the law enforcement expert that he is (not) said that it was an execution and that the deputies were angry over not being able to find Assistant Chief Greenwood’s killer.  Assistant Chief Greenwood was assassinated as he got out of his vehicle in the courthouse parking lot the day before, on April 3rd.

Quanell X was previously exposed as running his New Black Panthers Party as a group of activists-for-hire, charging people money to protest on their behalf. It’s not clear if he was being paid to make statements in the Michael Maldonado shooting.

The activist demanded an outside investigation and offered different options on where the shots could have been placed.

“I believe that that many shots fired into that truck was absolutely not necessary,” Quanell X said. “They could have fire one shot into the ground, one shot in the tire or shot into the engine or shot into the air and gave him a chance to surrender.”