Drunk Man Charges Menasha Officer’s Car, Bellyflops On Windshield

A man charged at a Menasha police vehicle and broke the windshield.

A man charged at a Menasha police vehicle and broke the windshield.

Menasha Officers Hurt Arrested Drunk Who Charged Windshield

Menasha, WI – A man decided to celebrate the new year by getting drunk, attacking people, and charging a police car.

Police responded to Oak Street and Nicolet Boulevard just after midnight on January 1st for a man jumping on a vehicle and attacking somebody. When officers arrived, their dash camera captured the man as he charged a patrol car, bellyflopped on the windshield, and then climbed on top of the car.

The Menasha Police Department released a statement about the incident.

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Not a good start to 2017 for MEPD. A 25 year old man from Kimberly who had been drinking jumped onto a vehicle near Oak Street and Nicolet Bldv. at midnight. When officers arrived on scene looking for the man he charged one of the patrol cars, which was not moving, and impacted the windshield. 2 officers were injured when taking the man into custody. One officer was treated and released from the hospital and the other did not seek medical treatment for his injuries. The man was checked at a local hospital and is being held in the Winnebago County Jail. He will be referred to the Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office on multiple charges.

A reminder that if you drink, please do so responsibly.

Some people just shouldn’t drink. This is the kind of stuff that police officers have to deal with each day.

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