Mayor Tony Guzman Calls Officer Names After Shooting


Mayor Tony Guzman Calls Officer F****** Piece of S*** After Shooting

Wapato, Washington – The town mayor of Wapato, Tony Guzman, isn’t shy when it comes to talking trash about officers who are cleared in justified shootings.

On July 31st two Yakima County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call for a domestic disturbance which ended in a suspect being killed by Deputy Michael Campos. The two officers arrived on scene and got into a struggle with Mario Martinez Torres. Campos and the other officer were unable to get Torres under control using a Taser and physical force. Torres wrestled the Taser away from the other officer, fired it at the officer, then turned it towards Campos. Campos fired his duty weapon, killing Torres.

Campos remained on leave while the top federal prosecutor for Eastern Washington went over the investigation of the shooting and deemed it justified. To bring charges against Campos under Washington state law, the prosecutor must be able to prove that an officer acted in bad faith and with malice, neither of which Campos did.

The Mayor of Wapato, Tony Guzman, has his own opinion of the matter. Guzman, who has never acted in any official capacity as a law enforcement officer, stated in an angry Facebook comment that the shooting was murder and that Campos was a “fucking piece of shit”. Guzman says he doesn’t regrets posting it.

tony guzman

The Yakima Herald reports that when Chief of Police Dave Simmons told the angry mayor that he was putting Campos back on the streets, the mayor replied that that “was a big mistake”. The mayor also stated in his Facebook comment that he is a long time friend of the family of the man shot by officer Campos.

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  • Kristen Loomis


  • Brad Bilger

    Big Damn words from an ass who’s never pinned a badge on or risked his life for another. He must be proud of his intelligence since he can’t even spell worth a Damn. You ignorant ass. To degrade an officer for doing his job and protecting the citizens? When does the recall election start?

  • Robert W Butler

    If the Myer is friends with the family he needs to stay out of it you know they can elect another person to be mayor

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Considering the large Mexican population he will get re-elected unless a special prosecutor is appointed to review his BS.

  • Ken Janulewicz

    Has to be a town where no one wants to be mayor, so they elect the town idiot.

  • Who elected this dipshit?

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Other dipshit’s!!!

  • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Wapato has a large Mexican population, lots of them are probably illegally here. This is not the first time this scumbag mayor has talked trash about the police. He needs to be terminated from his position as mayor.

    • Gio

      You speak as if the only group of people who support police are white, I personally am not against police but its hard to get behind them when the majority of people who are vocal about their support do it in a borderline racist way, every time i read this posts i find out i am a criminal, rapist, thief, illegal, unemployed and on welfare… I don’t even know why i go to work any more since everyone of you keeps pointing out i can live off the system and get away with crimes to boot!!.

      • Dolores Wieland

        You are taking something that is not personal personally. No one put YOU into the category you depict except yourself..

      • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        No one speaks directly to you. If you wish to think of yourself as a thug or scumbag, illegal or whatever, that is on you. I know the area pretty well and I am only speaking the truth about that area. Most of Eastern Washington’s cities has the same issue with Mexican gangs and people who are illegally in this country.

      • rappinronreagan

        “lots of them” is different than “all of them”. Words matter, if the shoe fits, wear it, if it doesn’t don’t. Pretty simple.

  • James S.

    One thing is for sure, that mayor is a shitty speller. Secondly he is the piece of shit for calling out someone who has a job the mayor has NEVER had, and obviously would not be good at. Basically his entire rant was pointless and had nothing to do with anything, except maybe for who was friends with whom, which has nothing to do with this action. The mayor needs to go, out of office and out of town for good.

  • David F. Podesta

    This mayor apparently has no idea what defamation of character is, either. He might find out.

    • Dolores Wieland

      Yeah and sue him personally and not the city….

  • Kathy Baker

    How about this mayor check into all the facts and the investigation as it goes forward then determine his personal opinion and act like a responsible leader. In the meantime give that wig a haircut.

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      You should know by now that liberals have no use for facts.

  • Wolfhoundcop

    The only one giving Latinos a bad name here is Mayor Guzman. He is the one that needs to resign. I really hope that the Chief and Officer Campos takes legal action against Guzman. Guzman certainly does not deserve such a position of trust as noted on how he is reacting to this sad incident.

    Mario Martinez Torres chose his actions, refused any attempt to take him into custody and showed intent to cause harm. Mario Martinez Torres although sad, chose his own destiny. There is no one to blame except him.

  • Sandy Miller

    That mayor is the one who is the piece of s**t.

  • Dolores Wieland

    THAT mayor is an idiot and needs to be ousted. He is trashing a cop who was protecting himself and his partner .What a toad!.

  • Maxwell Jump

    Calus manor…lol Let me guess, he’s a Democrat.

  • blancojoe

    A friend of the dead dude’s family, eh? Look, folks….the West coast of America is full of hard core liberals of all colors. This piece of trash (who can’t even spell) was elected Mayor of the town. What does that say about those citizens? Right…all one big ignorant family of liberals.

  • Jax

    Moron has no business in city government.

  • troopersam

    Wait…according to this article, Campos is a deputy sheriff with Yakima County…and then the Chief of Police for Wapato said he was putting him back on the street.

    Which was he then…deputy, or police officer? Or does their Sherrif’s Department contract out to the city?

    • I AM DEPLORABLE ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      He is a sheriff who works his beat in Wapato. The Chief of Police is allowing him to return to work in his city. It is very likely in a rural area like Wapato sheriff’s and officer’s have wide ranging areas to patrol.

  • Scott Malcolm

    How did this tool get elected mayor? He can’t even spell callous or use manor in the proper context (I assume he meant manner)

  • Maybe that officer can’t speak for himself because he’d be fired but I sure as hell can speak for him. The only POS I see here is the clearly liberal Guzman who clearly has never been in any danger in his entire coddled life. The moronic musings of such a momma’s boy like Guzman really have no impact on the situation other than to demonstrate the mental illness of such liberals. What matters?


    Liberals are NOT allowed to read any further because you simply can’t handle what you might see…. the TRUTH.

    Ahh the liberals whimpering and whining of “Why didn’t / don’t you… [insert nonsense here]?

    The more LOGICAL question is why didn’t the criminal simply just submit to the lawful arrest? He’d be alive today if he had you know. Play stupid games…win stupid prizes.

    Because “They chose not to” is the the only answer that you need hear. Attacking an officer with DEADLY FORCE or the OR IMMINENT USE OF DEADLY FORCE means it is appropriate to meet that deadly force with deadly force.

    The suspect dictates how the confrontation or arrest will go. Their actions determine what force, if any is necessary. It could be just talking to the suspect, to placing handcuffs on them, to taser, to mace, to deadly force… It’s in the hands of the suspect…

    The REAL victim in this incident is not the dead suspect who tried to shoot the officer and certainly not the parent(s) of the dead suspect who clearly FAILED to raise their son or daughter with respect for others or authorities who were legally justified in their actions.

    The REAL victim in these incidents is the officer because of what these parent(s), through their parental failures, and their child, because of their actions forced the Officer to do so that he may go home to HIS family at the end of his shift.

    The use of force is defined in state law. I use North Carolina’s because that is what I’m familiar with but I seriously doubt that there is any difference between any state’s laws on this matter.

    § 15A‑401. Arrest by law‑enforcement officer. Use of Force in Arrest. – b. To defend himself or a third person from what he reasonably believes to be the use OR IMMINENT USE of physical force while effecting or attempting to effect an arrest or while preventing or attempting to prevent an escape.

    The emphasis is on “OR IMMINENT USE”. Definition: im·mi·nent /ˈimənənt/ Adjective: About to happen: “imminent danger”. Synonyms: impending – impendent – forthcoming.

    An officer in possession of common sense will certainly use deadly force and has the right to take a deadly shot when faced with the IMMINENT threat of serious bodily injury or death.

    That IMMINENT threat of serious bodily injury or death does NOT have to be coming from a gun, knife or other weapon. It can be coming from hands, feet or even from the use of a car. It’s NOT the tool used that counts…it’s the ABILITY to bring about serious injury or death BY ANY MEANS that can be defended against with deadly force.

    UNLIKE the military, law enforcement operates under a completely different ROE (Rules Of Engagement). Law enforcement is NOT the military and does NOT have to be fired upon first to be authorized the use of deadly force. Again, the emphasis is on “imminent”. Stop getting the two confused. They, law enforcement and military, were never the same to begin with.

    By it being imbedded state law no law enforcement supervisor [chief of police or sheriff] or city administrator [mayor, city/county manager] can order otherwise.

    A person running at an officer with a knife – deadly force authorized.

    An unarmed 240 pound violator on top of a 120 pound officer beating the officer in the head – deadly force authorized.

    A 6’4″, 17 year old behemoth under the influence of a mind altering narcotic who has already assaulted and injured an officer by a strike in the head bringing about a loss of strength and possible concussive problems charging that officer again with the apparent intent to cause bodily injury or death – DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED!

    Assaulting you with a vehicle – deadly force authorized.

    A person running at an officer with their hands hidden from view so as to potentially be holding a weapon (gun, knife or bludgeon) – deadly force authorized.

    A person swinging a crowbar, flag pole, etc at the officer’s upper body and head – deadly force authorized.

    A person moving a gun in a manner that appears to the officer that they are “about” to be targeted – deadly force authorized. Getting out of a car with a gun in hand certainly qualifies.

    ALSO: I don’t give a damn what color of the barrel/gun is; Functioning dangerous weapons come in all color schemes and the criminals have been caught painting the tips of the barrels of their guns orange just to fool cops and get an edge on shooting first. If you point ANYTHING at me that can be construed as a projectile weapon I’m going to put two or more rounds into you center mass and let God decide if you live or die.

    If you’re running for cover with a gun in hand you certainly can be shot in the back or anywhere else for that matter. Police don’t have to let you reach cover thus allowing you to shoot at them from a position of safety. So for you people that are planning on a “Police can’t shoot them in the back.” argument….know from the start you are wrong…yes the police can and are perfectly authorized to do so. As stated, this is real life….not some movie or TV show.

    Also, not being a TV drama,the officer doesn’t have to yell “Stop police” or even warn you first to “Drop the gun”. If there is no time for a warning then so be it. The violator doesn’t get to shoot first if the officer can help it. It’s not a color thing, it’s a law thing, and unlike Burger King you don’t get to have it your way after the words “you are under arrest” are uttered.

    When an officer determines the armed violator has broken the law the armed violator’s decisions are narrowed down to these, and only these, options;.

    1. You go to jail.

    2. You go to the hospital and then you go to jail.

    3. You go to the morgue.

    The officer has already made their own decision….that they’re going home alive to their family.

    There is a point of no return. When the line is crossed there is no shoot to wound, no shoot in the leg, no shoot below the waist, no second chances. You should have paid attention to the first chance given you….to comply with the orders of the police. It is shoot center mass to stop and it is then up to God to decide your fate with regard to live or die. And make no mistake…when you cross that line you know you shouldn’t have crossed the officer could care less if you live or die. All they care about is that you are stopped and that they make it home to their wife and children.

    What does the officer feel when the bad guy dies? You mean besides the recoil?

    ✔ Aggravation that the bad guy caused them to have killed for the good of society.

    ✔ Anger that the bad guy’s parents failed in their job of raising the bad guy.

    ✔ Aggravation that they have to endure being on administrative leave doing boring jobs around the department for a long time.

    ✔ Amusement at the “low informed” citizenry that make comments like “Why not below waist.” or something equally ignorant.

    ✔ Disgust at the absolute morons that come out with the all too expected wild police conspiracy theories based on conjecture, a lack of any real knowledge of police methodology and a distinct lack of knowledge of the legal mandates under which the officer will be judged.

    ✔ Relief that their training served them well and allowed them to be the one that walked away from the encounter alive, unharmed, and the victor….the consequence…..not the victim.

    Much like the soldier feels no remorse for defending their country…it would be just as ignorant to expect the officer to feel remorse for defending the citizenry of their city against its enemies…the violent criminal.

    The parents should have raised their child to be a better person, a person respectful of others, of others’ property and of legitimate authority. Their son or daughter died because THE PARENTS failed. Their son or daughter threatened an officer of the law with with serious injury or death and have died, or been injured, as a result of their actions and their parent(s) failure in raising them.

    • Deidre Moon Sowerby

      I agree with all the legalities if a police shooting. I just really wish you would not say IT’S THE PARENTS FAULT so arbitrarily. Yes sometimes it is because parents don’t do their job, but sometimes, no matter how hard a parent tries, there are going to be disrespectful people. People who hate cops. People who do bad things. It is sometimes the parents fault in the way they raised their kid, but it isn’t ALWAYS the parent’s faults.

  • Doug Packer

    One of them is, but it’s NOT the officer

  • Carlos Bidet

    He should be more enraged at whoever sold him that beaver pelt on top of his head.

    • Carl Rennhack

      It looked better on the beaver!

  • Capt’n Rick

    Only one f’n piece of shit in this report – the mayor!

  • JFinsterbaby

    So the mayor was friends with the perpetrator that was justifiably killed by the police. This perpetrator had just discharged a taser at a police officer and was about to do the same to the officer who ultimately ended the threat. From what I can see, the dead guy was nothing but a piece of excrement, and anybody who defends him is also excrement. That includes you Mr. Mayor. By the way, is that a dead animal on your head? Nice hairpiece!

  • hwy505

    Is that guys head made of pubes?

  • John Worcester

    Unbelievable that he remains mayor! He should be sued civilly by the officer for his comments(defamation of character), removed from office and forced to do a ride-a-long and be point man on the next domestic where the suspect is actively fighting the police as was this case.

    I would almost guarantee given the same circumstances this officer was presented with, he (the mayor)would have done the same thing by using deadly force against a stolen officers weapon that was attempting to be used against him.

    Without that use of force, we would have a couple dead officers.

    It has nothing to do with race and he made it a racial issue. Freaking retard!

  • GunnyJim

    (509) 985-7500 call the mayor and tell him your thoughts on the matter