BREAKING: Car Plows Into Pedestrians In London – ‘Multiple Casualties’

Video shows a man being arrested after driving through a crowd of pedestrians.

Video shows a man being arrested after driving through a crowd of pedestrians in London.

Van Drives Through Crowd Of Pedestrians In London

London, UK – “Multiple Casualties” are being reported after a taxi van swerved off of a road into a crowd of pedestrians outside of Finsbury Park Mosque at around 12:20 AM local time Monday.

“Officers are on the scene with other emergency services,” a Metropolitan Police spokesman said, according to The Independent. “There are a number of casualties being worked on at the scene. There has been one person arrested. Enquiries continue.”

Twitter has been full of unconfirmed claims that the victims were all Muslims who were leaving their mosque after Tarawih prayers being performed for Ramadan.

Among the unconfirmed reports are that bystanders grabbed the suspect and held him down until the police arrives.

It has not been confirmed if this was an intentional act of terrorism.

This apparent attack comes just weeks after the terrorist attack where ISIS supporters in a vehicle ran down pedestrians on London Bridge. That attack killed eight people before the suspects were shot dead by police.

Video has emerged online which shows a suspect being arrested as an angry crowd yells.

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