City Of Las Cruces Offers Free Law Enforcement Support Signs To Residents

The City of Las Cruces is offering free law enforcement support yard signs to residents.

The City of Las Cruces is offering free law enforcement support yard signs to residents.

Las Cruces Offers Free Signs to Residents Who Want To Show Support For Law Enforcement

Las Cruces, NM – The city of Las Cruces is giving out signs which show an American blue line flag and say, “I Support Law Enforcement.”

The yard signs are similar to signs used to show support for political candidates. The 18×24 inch signs allow residents to show their support for law enforcement.

Steve Ramirez with Las Cruces Sun News reports that the idea for the sign giveaway came from Mayor Ken Miyagishima. The Mayor said, “Our next-door neighbor was a Las Cruces police officer, Danny Gonzales. I remember we would be out in the yard playing. His wife would come out to the yard and tell her kids that their dad was going to work, and it was time for them to tell him goodbye. I remember everything stopped and they would all go over to him and give him a hug and a kiss. I was 7 years old and didn’t understand it. So, one day I asked them why they did that. They told me ‘you never know, he may not come home.’ I never forgot that moment.”

Mayor Miyagishima came up with the idea for the yard signs after Hatch Police Officer Jose Chavez was killed in August, and Alamogordo Officer Clint Corvinus was killed in September.

The city approved the signs and purchased 250 of them for a cost of $1,390. The city advised that they could make up to 500 of the signs if there is enough interest. With a population of just over 100,000 people, 500 houses with the signs would be a very visible statement.

“The signs are for all members of law enforcement,” Miyagishima said. “It is a way for us to thank and support our women and men who work to ensure our safety every minute of every day. Theirs is a difficult, dangerous job and we need to stand behind them as entire communities to let them know we have their backs.”

Anybody interested in the signs can pick one up at City Hall or the Police Department.

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