LAPD Commission President Matt Johnson Seeks Restraining Order Against Black Lives Matter Member Trevor Gerard

LAPD Commission President Matt Johnson filed for a restraining order against Black Lives Matter activist Trevor Gerard.

LAPD Commission President Matt Johnson (pictured) filed for a restraining order against Black Lives Matter activist Trevor Gerard.

Matt Johnson’s Protection Order Against Black Lives Matter’s Tervor Gerard

Los Angeles, CA –  The president of the Los Angeles Police Commission, Matt Johnson, has requested a temporary restraining order against a Black Lives Matter member.  Johnson stated in the request that he feared for his life and his family’s safety.

The LA City Attorney’s Office filed for the restraining order December 19th, on behalf of Matt Johnson, who is black. The restraining order was filed against Black Lives Matter “activist” Trevor Gerard after a pattern of threatening behavior that had been occurring for a few months.  On December 17, 2016, Black Lives Matter members including Gerard were able to gain access to the entertainment firm in Century City where Johnson is a managing partner and Gerard had “angrily” demanded to speak with him.  On December 18, 2016, local activists including Black Lives Matter LA members, held a protest outside Johnson’s private residence in Sherman Oaks.

Johnson, who has held his position as Commission President since September, 2015, listed the two incidents above in the restraining order, and stated that Trevor Gerard had “stalked” him at his home. He also stated in the restraining order that Gerard “mouthed violent threats to him” from the audience at Commission meetings and made threatening statements that referred to his children. He said that Gerard’s statements at commission meetings are “almost always angry and hostile,” that Gerard said he should be “scared” of him, and that he should meet with him at a location other than a commission meeting.

Matt Johnson also stated in the restraining order that Trevor Gerard mouthed threats to him from the audience, which could not be heard on the video that is made at each meeting.  He said that these comments include “I’m going to beat your ass” and “I’m going to fucking kill you.”  He further stated that Gerard was looking directly at him when the comments were mouthed to him.

Trevor Gerard, age 35, has denied the statements made in the restraining order, and said that his “statements and actions were taken out of context” in retaliation for the aggressive confrontational style of Black Lives Matter.  He said that “the truth is distorted” and that the restraining order is “politically motivated.”  He did admit to mouthing statements at Johnson during Commission meetings but insisted that he only called him “bitch ass houseboy.”

Matt Johnson had police escort Trevor Gerard out of the October 11, 2016 meeting after deciding that Gerard’s comments were no longer focused on the agenda item under discussion.  At the November 1, 2016 commission meeting, Johnson said that Gerard’s comments directed to him were “Matt Johnson has four children, one of whom I understand is a boy. God forbid, Matt Johnson, that you ever have to suffer at the hands of men…. God forbid you have to sit in this audience and suffer because your boy was just another nigger in the crosshairs.”

Trevor Gerard said that Commission members are allowing what he called “extreme levels of violence by the LAPD” by not doing anything, and that they are too “comfortable” in the meeting rooms.  He said that this is the driving force behind the decision to protest at commission members’ homes and businesses. It hasn’t been reported that any other commission members homes or businesses were targeted.

During the protest at Johnson’s home, Gerard was arrested by LAPD Officers and briefly held in custody.  He said that no charges were filed although he was told that there was an active investigation for criminal trespass. The LAPD did not immediately respond to requests from the news source for comments.  The City Attorney’s Office declined to comment and Johnson was reported to be out of the office and unavailable for comment.

In his role as Commission president, Matt Johnson has asked for LAPD  “use-of-force policies that emphasize de-escalation” and minimal use of force in encounters with the public.  He has also supported efforts to get the LAPD to release more information to the public on officer-involved shootings.  Gerard has been a very outspoken member of Black Lives Matter since the 54-day encampment at City Hall in July, 2016.  He frequently attends commission meetings and often speaks during the allotted time for the public.  His speech is frequently abrasive in addressing individual commission members.

The Commission meetings are available for viewing from video archives and YouTube.  In the restraining order, Johnson asked that Gerard stay at least 100 yards away from him, his wife and children, his home, and the law firm where he works.  He also asked that Gerard stay at least five yards away from him during Commission meetings, although he may still address the Commission during the appropriate Public Comments time.  The next court date for the restraining order is January 10, 2016, and Gerard said that he plans to fight the order.

It is obvious that some things never change, and that would be the hate, violence, and intimidation rhetoric and actions of Black Lives Members. Threatening individuals and their families, particularly children, is not acceptable. Stalking, harassment, and protests in front of a private residence is not acceptable.  It doesn’t appear that any other Police Commission member is receiving this kind of intimidation. Even though Johnson is working on reforms that Black Lives Matter claim that they want.

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