Congressman Lacy Clay To Hold Ceremony To Re-Hang The ‘Police As Pigs’ Painting

Congressman Lacy Clay is holding a ceremony to hang this painting at the US Capitol.

Congressman Lacy Clay is holding a ceremony to hang this painting at the US Capitol.

Lacy Clay Re-hanging The Anti-Police Painting

Washington DC – When Rep. Lacy Clay refused to take down an anti-police painting that he had sponsored and that was hanging in the Capitol, Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter took matters into his own hands and took the painting down himself. Now Rep. Clay is going to re-hang the painting and hold a ceremony for the event.

According to St. Louis Post Dispatch, Clay is holding a ceremony in the capitol tunnel to re-hang the painting. “This is really not about a student art competition anymore,” Clay is expected to say, “It’s about defending the Constitution.”

The painting, which depicts police officers as pigs, and shows them pointing guns, has been the subject of much controversy.  We also previously covered this issue and called for the painting to be taken down then.  Rep. Lacy’s response to the issue has been that the painting would stay.  After awareness of the painting became known through media coverage, law enforcement officers throughout the nation, pro-law enforcement citizens and groups, and other lawmakers became outraged over the painting.

More than 27,000 law enforcement officers and professionals had protested the display of the painting and said that it was  “reprehensible, repugnant and repulsive.” That’s when Rep. Duncan Hunter took the painting down.

Lacy Clay had been claiming that he had nothing really to do with the painting hanging. Now by holding a ceremony and re-hanging the painting, Clay is undeniably directly involved in spreading hate in the US Capitol.

“I do not agree or disagree with this painting,” Clay said in prepared remarks, “But I will fight to defend this young man’s right to express himself because his artwork is true for him and he is entitled to that protection under the law.”

This whole “constitutional” issue is a bunch of nonsense. Nobody has any right to have their painting hanging in the US Capitol. The constitutional argument is often brought up by people who don’t want to admit that they agree with something offensive. The nonsense argument recently gained popularity when Colin Kaepernick started his campaign of kneeling for the national anthem. Many people claimed that they didn’t agree with Kaepernick, but every American was obligated to respect what Kaepernick was doing because he was exercising his constitutional rights. That’s nonsense.

When the Westboro Baptist Church spreads their message of hate, we don’t salute them for exercising their right to free speech. Rather, we shun them and speak out against their vile behavior. People generally don’t voice support for others who are exercising their constitutional rights to free speech, unless they actually agree with that speech.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson weighed in on the issue at a Saturday night Harris-Stowe State University discussion. While speaking in the third person Chief Dotson said, “Sam Dotson can have an opinion and may not like the painting, but Sam Dotson the police chief or any police officer cannot have an opinion about it because that young man has a right to have his voice heard and it’s our job to make sure his rights are protected,” he said.

If Rep. Lacy Clay wants to hold a ceremony to be hanging pictures, then maybe he should be hanging this one too:

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