Six-Year-Old Kingston Frazier Found Murdered After Car He Was In Got Stolen

6-year-old Kingston Frazier was murdered after his killers stole the car that he was in.

6-year-old Kingston Frazier was murdered after his killers stole the car that he was in.

6-Year-Old Kingston Frazier Murdered

Jackson, MS – Six-year-old Kingston Frazier was supposed to graduate from kindergarten on Thursday at North Jackson Elementary School.  Instead, his mother’s vehicle was stolen, with him inside.

According to MSNewsNow, the incident began about 1:15 AM Thursday morning when Kingston’s mother Ebony Archie stopped at the Kroger located on I-55 north.  She parked her Toyota Camry, left Kingston inside the vehicle, and ran inside the store for a few minutes.

While she was inside the store, two subjects pulled up in a Honda Civic.  The passenger in the Honda jumped out, got in the Toyota, and stole the car with Kingston inside.

The Hinds County Sheriff’s Office provides security for the Kroger and a deputy was there.  He took a report of a stolen vehicle at 1:37 AM when a witness reported that a woman came out of the store and said her vehicle was missing.  There was no mention of a missing child.

Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason confirmed that when that report was taken, that there was no mention of Kingston.  He did not say when or how that he became aware that there was a missing child, but at some point his deputies did. They contacted the Mississippi Highway Patrol and the Jackson Police Department.

JPD Commander Tyree Jones said that Jackson police officers then responded back to the Kroger and began an investigation, including finding information on the vehicles involved in the case.

A witness contacted police and provided information on the person last known to have been driving the Honda Civic. Police were able to determine the identity of the driver, and have confirmed that it is one of the three suspects that have been arrested.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation then issued an Amber Alert for Kingston about 4:30 AM, and began providing assistance in the investigation, according to WAPT.

The stolen Toyota Camry was found on Thursday at a dead end on Gluckstadt Road behind the ABC warehouse.  Kingston’s body was found in the back seat.  He had been shot repeatedly, including in the back of the head.

Three suspects were arrested Thursday and are in custody under no bond, charged with capital murder. They are Byron McBride, age 19; D’Allen Washington, age 17; and Dwan Diondro Wakefield, age 17.

McBride was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals in Ridgeland; Washington was taken into custody by Hinds County Sheriff’s Deputies; and Wakefield was taken into custody in Jackson.

D’Allen Washington’s criminal history has a previous arrest in 2016 for armed robbery.

Wakefield was a quarterback on the Ridgeland High School football team last season, but is no longer at the school and was dropped by the team.

“Kingston was one of our kindergarten scholars.” North Jackson Elementary School Principal Kimberly Smith said , “He was a very fun-loving child. He was everybody’s baby. He was a sweet child to be around. He was Kingston.”

The school is offering grief counseling for students and staff.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant said, “There are no words to express the anger and sadness over the loss of Kingston Frazier. The innocence and life of a six-year-old child have been taken by a horrific crime. It is time this senseless violence end. We can all pray that God will assuage the pain of Kingston’s family and friends, while we hold the guilty accountable.”

These are the only details that have been released at this time.  Multiple agencies are involved in the ongoing investigation.

An act of violence against a six-year-old child is unforgivable, and hopefully none of these dirtbags will see the light of day again.