Fugitive For Attempted Murder, Kimberly Dolan, Arrested After Snapchat Selfies Reveal Location

Kimberly Dolan was arrested after she posted selifes on Snapchat.

Kimberly Dolan was arrested after she posted selifes on Snapchat.

Wanted Suspect, Kimberly Dolan, Arrested After Using Snapchat

Allegheny County, PA –  A fugitive was arrested by Allegheny County deputies during a family gathering at Kennywood Park after she posted photos of herself on Snapchat.

According to the Tribune-Review,  the incident occurred about 4:30 PM on Thursday at Kennywood amusement park in West Mifflin.  The fugitive, Kimberly Dolan, age 19, had outstanding warrants from May for assault, and she was out on bond on a pending attempted homicide charge.

In the incident where she had an outstanding warrant, a minor traffic crash had occurred on May 7 after a man driving a van had run a stop sign on Ninth Avenue in Munhall and hit the assault victim’s car.  The man and the female driver exchanged information, and the man left.  The female driver was waiting on police to arrive to take a report, and a woman later identified as Kimberly Dolan showed up.

She accused the female driver of hitting her grandfather’s van.  Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Kevin Kraus said, “As the woman attempted to explain the incident, Dolan struck the victim”, who received a broken nose and ‘multiple other facial fractures.’

When police arrived at the scene, Dolan had already fled.  She also has a pending attempted homicide charge from January, 2016.  In that incident, she decided to run over somebody after getting into an argument with them.

Chief Deputy Kraus said that she confessed to police about that incident, and told them “she could hear the victim stuck under her vehicle.”

On Thursday, Allegheny County deputies saw the photos of Kimberly Dolan at the amusement park that she was posting on Snapchat.  West Mifflin police officers were also alerted, and responded to assist. She was taken into custody at the park without any problems.

Dolan was served with the warrants for the May 7 incident, with charges for aggravated assault, harassment and disorderly conduct.  Her next hearing for those charges is set for July 12.  She is scheduled to go to trial on June 26 on the attempted homicide charge.