Chicago Police Say Goodbye To Beloved K-9

K-9 Rachel


Chicago Police Say Goodbye To Beloved K-9

Chicago, Illinois – Rachel, a Chicago Police canine, had her last call on Sunday. K-9 Rachel was assigned to detect explosives in Chicago. She was diagnosed with cancer in her spine which left her partially paralyzed, she was put to rest on Sunday morning but not before she was cleared from duty.

A Chicago dispatcher came over the radio on Sunday morning, “All units stand by, Citywide 1.  7323 canine Rachel.  7323 canine Rachel.  7323 canine Rachel. No response for canine Rachel. This is the final call for Chicago Police Explosives canine Rachel.”  The dispatcher read K-9 officer Rachel’s star number.

Fellow K-9 officers said their goodbye’s to Rachel in a final visit. K-9 officer Rachel was put down 15 minutes later.

Rachel’s handler, officer Charles Kocanda worked with Rachel for 10 years. She was highly trained to detect explosives and died exactly one year after she worked to detect explosives at St. Rita in Chicago, during the funeral for fallen Chicago firefighter Daniel Capuano. Capauno died after falling down an open elevator shaft in a South side warehouse fire. Rachel worked diligently to ensure that Capuano was laid to rest in peace.

K-9 officer Rachel guarded foreign dignitaries, the first lady, and the president.  Rachel rode the train with Kocanda and knew when he wore his uniform it was time to work and she would wait by the door for him.  If Kocanda wore his blue shirt, Rachel knew he was staying home and would instead wait by the window. She was a faithful friend to Kocanda and a faithful officer to the city of Chicago. K-9 Rachel suffered a quick onset of cancer in her spine, which left her partially paralyzed.

“Our condolences go out to her handler, Officer Chuck Kocanda, who worked with her daily to make sure she was the best she could be,” the police department said in its Facebook post after the loss.

The loss of K-9 Rachel comes just weeks after Chicago police officers gathered to say goodbye to another canine, a 7-year old chocolate Labrador named Bob. Bob passed away from a terminal brain cancer after serving with his handler for over 4 years.

“Canine Rachel has faithfully served the Chicago Police Department since June 2006. On December 18, 2016, rest in peace canine Rachel. Correct time is 0911 hours. This is the last call.”

“18 December 2016, Citywide 1 radio’s clear.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with her handler, Chuck Kocanda and her blue family at CPD. Thank you for your service.