Joseph Murphy Urinates On Trooper’s Leg, Yells ‘F— Donald Trump!’

Joseph Murphy urinated on a trooper.

Joseph Murphy urinated on a trooper.

Drunk Joseph Murphy Urinated On A Trooper

Lake Buena Vista, FL –  20-year-old Joseph Murphy, was arrested at Disney World early on New Year’s Day.  Among other things, he decided that urinating on a trooper’s leg was a good decision.

According to News 6 Orlando, a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) trooper had observed Murphy, who appeared severely intoxicated, at about 2:00 AM, stumbling across the intersection of Buena Vista and Hotel Plaza Boulevards.  According to The Orlando Sentinel, Murphy was wearing “soiled, tan trousers.”  The Trooper ordered Murphy to stop multiple times.  Traffic was heavy because of the New Year’s celebration and Murphy continued trying to cross the intersection, weaving in and out of traffic.

The Florida State Trooper arrested Murphy, who had initially refused to give him his name, for Disorderly Intoxication. A second FHP trooper who responded to assist said that Murphy “reeked of alcohol.”  Murphy was placed in the back of a Trooper’s vehicle and began banging his head against a partition, yelling “police brutality” at the same time.  He also began choking himself, apparently against the partition.  Murphy then began yelling obscenities, including “F— Donald Trump.”

The Trooper transported Murphy to the Orange County Jail while the second trooper followed them to the Jail. While they were enroute to the Jail, Murphy managed to take his seatbelt off and tried to kick out the vehicle window.  When the Troopers stopped to put Murphy’s seatbelt back on, he intentionally pulled down his pants and began urinating on one of the Troopers.  He also tried to kick one of the Troopers. Custody of Murphy was then transferred to the Jail.

Murphy was charged with Disorderly Intoxication, Battery on an Officer, Indecent Exposure of Sexual Organs, and Resisting an Officer Without Violence.  He remains in the Orange County Jail on bond of $4,500.  His case is pending in court.

Murphy’s decision-making and judgment remain to be seen.  He obviously did not get a good start to the New Year.

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