Business Owner, Jeremy Henggeler, Calls Fallen Firefighter A ‘Parasite’ Then Pulls Knife On Reporter

Jeremy Henggeler was arrested after threatening a reporter with a knife.

Jeremy Henggeler was arrested after threatening a reporter with a knife.

Jeremy Henggeler Arrested After Threatening Reporter With Knife

Levittown, PA –  Jeremy Henggeler, a local business owner, was arrested on Monday for threatening a News 12 Long Island reporter with a knife.

According to NBC New York, reporter Virginia Huie and her crew had gone to Henggeler’s residence to talk with him about a controversial Facebook post.

In the post, which is still visible on Facebook, Henggeler said:

“Stuck in traffic for over an hour, with no escape options, all because some agent of the State died.  F–king parasites.”

Henggeler, a self-professed anarchist, was referring to the funeral of fallen hero FDNY firefighter William Tolley, who was killed in the line of duty on April 20.  Firefighter Tolley, age 49, left behind his wife and eight-year-old daughter.

Jeremy Henggeler has a dog-sitting business, Jay’s Sit and Stay, and the funeral traffic apparently interfered with whatever he was planning to do that day.

When Ms. Huie arrived at Jeremy Henggeler’s residence, she went to the front door and knocked.  There was no answer. She then went to the garage, which was open, and saw Henggeler standing at the entrance.

She asked to speak with him, and Henggeler pulled a knife from his side.  He raised it at her in a threatening manner, and told them to leave.

The police were notified by the news crew, and Henggeler, age 40, was arrested.  He was charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

This is the kind of attitude and behavior that seems pervasive among the anarchist groups. Anybody who they disagree with is Hitler and deserves to be treated with the utmost disrespect. Also, they disagree with just about everybody.

Jeremy Henggeler said that he was upset because the delay caused him to lose money, but now his post is likely to cause him to lose even more money. Life’s Abundance pet food said that they would no longer allow Henggeler to sell their products.

It’s likely that he will get too many pet-sitting jobs either, outside of like-minded anarchists. Unfortunately for him, anarchists tend to be underemployed and can watch their own pets.

Let’s spread the word that we won’t tolerate people talking about a fallen hero like this.