Robbery Suspect Jason Granger Facebook Live-Streams During His Escape From Police, Then Somebody Tags The PD

Jason Granger: Criminal Mastermind

Jason Granger: Criminal Mastermind

Jason Granger Steps Up For Contender Of Dumbest Criminal Of The Year

Mountain Home, ID –  Jason Granger, a man who bragged on Facebook Live about running from the police and stealing a bike is now in jail, according to The Idaho Statesman (see video below).

The incident occurred about 11:30 AM on Thursday at the Walmart.  Mountain Home police officers responded to a report of threats made to an customer.  A man identified as Jason Granger had demanded money from the customer, and showed him a holster in his waistband.

Granger fled with an unspecified amount of money on a bicycle, which was later found to have been stolen from a church.  Police found his Facebook Live video a short time later, which showed a narrative of him traveling along I-84.

In the video, Granger said “You [expletive] cops can’t catch me. Like my new wheels, guys? Isn’t that a sweet bike? I’m still running from any cop I come across. Catch me if you can.”

Later in the video, Granger became more specific about the bicycle.  He said “Compliments of the [expletive] community center I [expletive] robbed it from. It was a pretty cool community center. … In fact, I might go back and take some more [expletive].”

Two Idaho state troopers on motorcycles saw Granger riding the stolen bicycle along I-84, based off a description given by Mountain Home investigators.  They were also advised that he may be armed. The troopers stopped him at gunpoint until Mountain Home police officers got there and arrested him.

Granger was charged with attempted armed robbery and burglary, and is in the Elmore County Jail.  According to Mountain Home Police Lieutenant Ron Harmon, the investigation is ongoing, and it isn’t known yet if Granger actually had a gun or not.

We’ve included his nutty live-stream below for those who wish to see it. But it’s about 22 minutes of stupidity and doesn’t include the takedown, so you aren’t missing out. You can see the video below: