Insomnia Cookies Employee Calls Police Officers ‘Pigs,’ Company Responds

An Insomnia Cookies employee called police "pigs."

An Insomnia Cookies employee called police “pigs.”

Insomnia Cookies Employee Calls Police ‘Pigs’

Fargo, ND –  A police officer’s girlfriend overheard an Insomnia Cookies employee calling police officers “pigs.” Now the company has responded.

Elizabeth Nelson, went to Insomnia Cookies’ Facebook page and posted the following message:

I am beyond furious right now. Please take note Insomnia cookies. This happened in Fargo, ND on 4/12/2017 @ 8:36pm.

I just finished band practice and thought hey, I’m hungry and going through downtown I’ll get a hold of [my boyfriend] and see if he has time to meet me at Insomnia Cookies for a treat. He’s a police officer and we work opposite shifts so when he’s working a quick bite of food is the only time during the day or night I can see him.

I get to insomnia early and tell the girl working I’m waiting for someone. About five minutes later [my boyfriend] pulls in across the street.

The girl working says with disgust in front of everyone including myself “oooh the little pigs just pulled up.”

Shocked and appalled I turned to her and said “Um excuse me? That’s who I’m waiting for. The officer you just called a pig, that’s my Boyfriend he’s supposed to meet me here.”

At this point I am furious. She tries to apologize, and I get up and say no sorry not ok, we won’t be having any cookies and I won’t be letting this go. I meet [my boyfriend] in the middle of the street just shaking mad and telling him what happened pointing back at Insomnia Cookies. Everyone in there is staring including the worker.

No big deal for [my boyfriend], he’s used to being called names. But it’s not ok with me. I WILL be calling there tomorrow to talk to not just a manager but whoever owns this local franchise. Then to make things even better [my boyfriend] get’s a call for a domestic and he can’t stay to grab food someplace else.

Because he chose a profession of service. He leaves his loved ones to help others, he gives up lunch hrs, often works with no breaks, and stays late almost every night. And the way this girl behaved in front of customers and myself was despicable.


Insomnia Cookies responded at first on their Facebook page:

Elizabeth, let us first say we apologize for what you experienced. There is no excuse for that type of speech or behavior and we will not condone it. These comments are not the feelings of Insomnia Cookies. We respect and support all of our men and women of law enforcement who work to protect us day in and day out. We are looking into the complaints we have received and will take appropriate actions.

The company then hid Elizabeth’s comment from their Facebook page.

Later, in a written statement to INFORUM, Chief Marketing Officer Megan Bruton said that they apologized to Ms. Nelson after she said they were made aware of the “unfortunate situation.”

She also said  “We as a company do not condone this type of speech or behavior from our team members, nor does it reflect Insomnia Cookies’ thoughts or sentiments.  We have great respect for our men and women of law enforcement and the job they do to protect us.”

She refused to comment on any action taken against the employee, who was not named, stating that it was a personnel matter.  She did say that all employees would receive additional training and support.

Elizabeth Nelson says that her response was not enough, and that Insomnia Cookies needed to do more than issue a “cliched response.”  She suggested that employees do ridealongs with police officers to learn about the job, and that it was important for the business to understand how the actions of one employee could reflect on the business.

We, at Blue Lives Matter, write all too often about businesses disrespecting law enforcement officers. Because of our articles, we have personally communicated with quite a few companies about problem employees.

It’s always concerning when a company refuses to say what happened with an employee who has no business serving food to officers, but Insomnia Cookies did something that most of those other companies have refused to do: they publicly said that they support law enforcement.

Most companies outright refuse to say anything that could be interpreted to be supportive of police, and instead hide behind statements that they are against discrimination or discourtesy.

Considering the Insomnia Cookies’ statement of support for law enforcement, do you think that this incident will negatively affect your opinion of the company? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.