VIDEO: Man Brutally Beaten On Elevator While Bystanders Just Watch And Don’t Call 911

Police released video of a brutal elevator beating that bystanders witnessed but just walked away.

Police released video of a brutal elevator beating that bystanders witnessed but just walked away.

Brutal Elevator Beating Video Shows Bystanders Observing But Not Intervening

Hudson, New York – Police are looking for four men who brutally beat a man in an elevator as two bystanders walked in, but never intervened (video below.)

The beating took place at about 9 PM July 13 at the Bliss Towers apartment complex, according to News Channel 13.

Police were called to reports of shots being fired at the apartment complex. When police arrived, the discovered blood in the elevator and hallway. Shell casings were found outside Bliss Towers but have no reports of anyone being shot.

When police reviewed he elevator surveillance footage, they saw the victim being attacked in the elevator, but no shots being fired.

No information about the victim was released.

Police have now released video of the elevator beating that lasts about 3 minutes, 30 seconds.

In the video, you can see the victim of the attack entered while the three other men were waiting inside. The victim, who could be seen in the center of the group, appeared to be having a normal discussion with the men. Suddenly the conversation shifted, becoming animated.

One of the men then walked out of the elevator and appeared to be on the lookout for any other people who might witness the incident. That’s when the three men took turns beating the victim.

The tape shows that two people eventually tried to use the elevator, but then turn around to leave without intervening after seeing the fight.

When the first witness walked into the elevator and saw the struggle, they just casually turned around and walked out. The second witness just saw the fight but never entered.


Residents of Bliss Towers told the TV station that they know the people involved in the attack Residents also told the TV station that the police also have had involvement with the people who were involved in the elevator beating.

Those residents refused to speak our further out of fear of retaliation.

You can see the video of the incident below. The attack starts about one minutes and 50 seconds in. Viewer discretion advised.