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Homeowner Uses AR-15 To Take Out Group Of Armed Home Invaders

A homeowner armed with an AR-15 shot and killed two of four men who invaded his isolated mobile home.

Summerfield, FL – A Florida homeowner used his AR-15 to fatally shoot two of four home invaders that broke into his house to steal marijuana and guns.

The incident began on July 10 when a man the 61-year-old homeowner recognized from a previous Craig’s List transaction showed up at his house claiming that he had car trouble, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

The home was located up a long single driveway on a 20-acre lot in the 14000-block of SE 32nd Court Road, which made the car trouble scenario unlikely.


He said he didn’t open his front door, but he saw another man peering through his back sliding door, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

The homeowner told the man through the door that he was disabled and couldn’t help.

The men left, and shortly thereafter, the homeowner went to bed for the night.

At about 8:20 p.m., he was awakened by the crash of four men coming through the front door of his mobile home, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

The homeowner grabbed the AR-15 that he kept near the bed and went to check out the noise.

He told police he saw a masked man inside his home and they fired at each other, according to the Ocala Star Banner.

The homeowner told deputies that he shot the man in the mask first, and then shot another man who was coming at him.


Deputies responded to a 911 call from the mobile home and arrived to find the wounded homeowner locked in his bedroom, two armed robbers shot on the floor of the trailer, and two more home invaders missing.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Micah Moore found a wounded 22-year-old Nigel Doyle on the floor with a shotgun lying next to him, according to the Ocala Star Banner.

Deputies also found 21-year-old Keith Jackson dead in the dining room.

Jackson was wearing a “Jason” mask and police found a semi-automatic pistol near his head, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

Doyle and the homeowner were both transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center, where Doyle expired.

The homeowner remained hospitalized in stable condition, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

He said that Jackson was the one who shot him, the Ocala Star Banner reported.


Deputy Austin Coon and K9 Deputy Alberto Gago brought in K9 Nitro to track down the other two men who had fled after gunfire erupted in the home.

K9 Nitro found 22-year-old Seth Rodriguez hiding in the tall grass on the side of the road, according to the police report.

The Ocala Star Banner reported that 19-year-old Robert Hamilton was also apprehended nearby in the 15000-block of Southeast 36th Avenue.

Deputies found the men’s Volkswagen parked near the south side of the house with its front doors left open.

They also recovered a pump-action shotgun that was lying on the ground next to the front porch, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

Rodriguez told police that the four men had planned to rob the home for marijuana and guns, and that they’d been at the house earlier in the day to plot out the home invasion.

Hamilton was arrested and charged with home invasion robbery with a firearm, according to the Ocala Star Banner.

Court records showed he was convicted of grand theft in 2018.


Rodriguez was arrested and charged with murder and home invasion robbery with a firearm, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

Both men were held without bond in jail.

The homeowner’s weapon was legally-owned and he is facing no charges in connection with the incident, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

Tom Gantert - July Tue, 2019


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