City Council Candidate Angela Kirkland Openly Insults Police And Irish Immigrants, Unapologetic

Angela Kirkland expresses hatred for police and Irish immigrants.

Angela Kirkland expresses hatred for police and Irish immigrants.

Harrisburg City Council President Angela Kirkland Insults Police And Irish

Harrisburg, PA –  A Harrisburg City Council candidate’s Facebook post comparing police officers to the snakes that St. Patrick ran out of Ireland in a legendary tale has many concerned, some outraged, and many questioning her character.

According to PennLive,  the Facebook post for St. Patrick’s Day is in the name of Mary Alice, which the candidate Angela Kirkland said is her personal Facebook page.

The post said:

“Story time:

St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. They slithered onto boats destined for the U.S. and became police officers. You all know what happened next”.

Angela Kirkland, age 29, is a proud member of the local Black Lives Matter group, ‘This Stops Today Harrisburg.’  When she was contacted by media a few hours after her Facebook, she refused to offer any explanation or apology.

She said that she thought it was pretty clear and that it didn’t need any explanation.  Kirkland also said that the post was on her personal Facebook account but made it clear that she didn’t have anything to hide.

One group of Harrisburg voters made it clear that they questioned the post, and its comparison of police officers to snakes, especially when it was posted on the same day that Harrisburg Fire Lieutenant Dennis DeVoe was laid to rest.  He died in a vehicle crash on his way to a fatal fire last week.

Angela Kirkland’s response?  She said that she had no interest in discussing the reason(s) behind the post.  When local media reminded her that she was running for a public position and elected office that controls the police budget, she said that if it became a campaign issue that she would address it.  She also refused to discuss her feelings about law enforcement. There’s no mention on her feelings towards people with Irish heritage.

She doesn’t need to express her feelings toward law enforcement any more, because it’s already clear. As a member of Black Lives Matter, she shares her views with a group that sees police as enemies of the people and wants to abolish law enforcement.

I found a 2015 video that Kirkland posted on You Tube, where she advocated for resistance, explained the origins of the group (non-indictments of police officers who were cleared in the shooting deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner,) and demanded a civilian review board in Harrisburg for cases of “excessive force, police brutality, racial bias… where recommendations could be made for discipline and things like that”.

Angela Kirkland is one of seven candidates running for four open seats on the City Council.  She said she was running “to push for more radically progressive changes in the city.”

Residents of Harrisburg, this is not who you need on your City Council.  A candidate who wants to obstruct public safety will only make the city less safe.

Do you think that Angela Kirkland could every be qualified to be in charge of the police department budget? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.