Gun Store Owner: GLOCK Representative Said ‘Most Cops Lie’

The owner of Zingers & Flingers said that a GLOCK manager told him that cops lie.

The owner of Zingers & Flingers said that a GLOCK manager told him that cops lie.

Gun Store Owner Says He Won’t Sell GLOCKS After Company Manager Told Him That Cops Lie

Matt Wasmundt owns Zingers & Flingers, a gun store and range. Wasmundt has ignited outrage after making a social media post about a conversation with a GLOCK representative.

Update: GLOCK’s response below.

Update: Retired Brown County Sheriff’s Office Captain Randy Revling, wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t believe the allegations against the GLOCK representative. He wrote: I have known Bob Schanen of GLOCK professionally and personally since 9/11/2001. He is, and has always been extremely supportive of law enforcement officers, and law enforcement and our military at all times. In the past few days I have heard many law enforcement officers and law enforcement executives stand up for Bob, reinforcing that he has never spoken in the alleged manner. And, I have not heard any person substantiate this allegation.

In his social media post to his company’s Facebook page on April 2nd, Wasmundt laid out the conversation with Robert Schanen, whom Wasmundt identifies as a district manager for GLOCK:

At Zingers & Flingers, Inc. there are two things we will never sell.

1) Our principles are not for sale

2) GLOCK firearms are no longer for sale

In a conversation with our GLOCK representative, Robert Schanen, I addressed many of the concerns we hear about their Blue Label Program, like availability and refusal of some dealers to order Blue Label firearms for local law enforcement.

Mr. Schanen’s response was “I have found that most cops lie.”

Because of his comment, Zingers & Flingers, Inc will no longer be offering GLOCK firearms at our store. As a district manager for GLOCK, Inc., Robert Schanen’s comments are unacceptable, as a Blue Label firearms supplier GLOCK, Inc. should be ashamed of Robert Schanen’s spoken words about the men and women who literally give their lives to protect ours.

Matt Wasmundt

Zingers & Flingers, Inc.

We reached out to GLOCK for comment, but they go home at 4:30 PM and weren’t in the office to respond to us as of the time of this writing.

A press release from GLOCK from 2008 talked about how the company was promoting Robert Schanen to Central Region Sales Manager for Law Enforcement and Commercial sales.

“Bob has earned this position with his dedicated and relentless pursuit of perfection with the departments and officers he has served,” commented Assistant National Sales Manager, Ed Fitzgerald in the press release.

Schanen has been with GLOCK since 2001.

UPDATE: GLOCK responded and said that it never happened.

The GLOCK representative in question is a long-standing employee who has dedicated the last 15 years to supporting and partnering with Law Enforcement communities throughout the Midwest.  The allegations made against a respected GLOCK employee by a dealer, who is not part of GLOCK’s Stocking Dealer Program, are inaccurate.  No such statement was made.

We have been unable to find a single other person who has had negative contact with Mr. Schanen, and it seems any alleged negative statements would be out of character for him.

Matt Wasmundt, however, says that he knows what Mr Schanen said, and he says he’s willing to stand up for police at the potential expense of lost business.