Politician Blames Justice System When Gun Is Stolen From His Unlocked Car… Four Times

Allen Weh had four guns stolen from his unlocked car, four different times, in a two month period.

Allen Weh had four guns stolen from his unlocked car, four different times, in a two month period.

Allen Weh Unwilling Or Unable To Secure His Weapons

Albuquerque, NM – A well-known businessman, gubernatorial candidate, U.S. Senate Candidate, Marine Colonel, and former New Mexico Republican Chair, Allen Weh, had his firearms stolen from his unlocked vehicle four times over a two month period. According to him, the criminal justice system is to blame.

Allen Weh first filed a police report on September 19, saying someone stole a firearm from his unlocked SUV in the parking lot of CSI Aviation, where he is employed as the CEO.  Just three days later, Weh says it happened again.  Then on October 13, another gun got stolen from his car.  This time Weh confronted a suspicious man in the parking lot.  According to KOB, the suspect then pointed the recently stolen firearm at Weh before getting in to a getaway car.

“That wasn’t the first time I’ve ever looked down the long end of a gun,” he said. “But the fact of the matter is, you don’t expect it in your own parking lot.”

After the third incident, CSI installed security cameras. Sure enough, the criminal came back again to his honey-hole of free guns on November 16th and stolen another one of Allen Weh’s guns, but this time he was captured on camera.

A police officer recognized the suspect in the footage as local gang member Daniel Sandoval, 19.  They were able to find and arrest him on charges including, aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, receiving stolen property and conspiracy.  He is also one of two charged for the September murder of local deacon, Hector Aguirre.

When asked about the incidents, Weh said, “Some of it was my own stupidity. I left my car unlocked. I should have locked it… But what really bothers me is the criminal activity in this community that’s gone on and allowed to take place by judges. It’s got to end.”

“Bad people will always find a way to get guns, so this shouldn’t be a concern where we got to,” Allen Weh said. “This goes back to the gun control issue and I’m a believer in not letting felons have access to weapons. But if they’ll come steal from me, they’ll come break in your car. They’re going to find a way to get a weapon.”

Replacing the stolen guns each time without improving your storage method and ensuring their security is beyond me.  We’re always willing to blame judges who dole out light sentences and slaps on the wrist, but they don’t appear to be to problem it. Blaming judges while repeatedly not locking the doors on your vehicle, which contains a firearm, is mind-boggling.

Mr. Weh, perhaps you should prioritize the security of your firearms a bit more, rather than giving felons easy access to weapons.

Do you buy Allen Weh’s whole, “Criminals will get guns anyway, so that absolves me of any personal responsibility in securing my firearm” excuse? We’d like to hear what you think. Please let us know in the comments.