Federal Judge Accuses Police Union Of Killing Black People, Proclaims ‘Black Lives Matter’

Judge James Robart delcared, "Black Lives Matter," during a hearing with the Seattle police union.

Judge James Robart delcared, “Black Lives Matter,” during a hearing with the Seattle police union.

Federal Judge Accuses Police Union Of Killing Black People, Proclaims ‘Black Lives Matter’

Seattle, Washington – U.S. District Judge James Robart on Monday expressed a strong anti-police bias when dealing with a case involving Seattle police union’s contract negotiations. Judge Robart went on a rant about deadly force statistics against black people and proclaimed, “Black Lives Matter.”

Judge Robart is presiding over a 2012 consent decree requiring the city to adopt reforms to address Department of Justice allegations of biased policing and excessive force. The proposed changes will have a major effect on all union members, including discipline being investigated and determined by non-law enforcement investigators. The changes make it faster and easier to discipline an officer if the public believes that the officer was wrong, whether or not that was actually the case.

Despite some of the proposed reforms seeming outlandish, the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild has been mostly going along with the process without much pushback. However, the guild recently voted to reject the most recent proposed contract after they were upset that the negotiation deals were leaked to the media and Black Lives Matter groups.

The vote resulted in Judge Robart threatening to intervene if he determined that the guild was interfering with any proposed process that was under the blanket of “police reform.” Which basically gives the city a go-ahead to implement any changes they want to the disciplinary process, with the union having no say.

During Judge Robart’s self-righteous rant, he stated, “I’m sure the entire city of Seattle would march behind me.”

Continuing to build an image in his mind of being some sort of folk-hero, Judge Robart went on to say that 41 percent of the shootings by police were of blacks, when they represented 20 percent of the population. Judge Robart then declared that “Black Lives Matter.”

Judge Robart’s rant is actually a perfect example of why law enforcement officers cannot be excluded from the process of disciplining other officers. The statistics on police shootings that Judge Robart cited were completely out of context, and ignore the reasons that shooting occur.

The statistics Judge Robart cited are meant for people to infer that the rate in which black people are shot by police is actually affected by the suspect’s skin color. However, police officers understand that officer-involved shootings happen when violent suspects are threatening people’s lives.

Black people are being shot at disproportionate numbers compared to the rest of the population because they are disproportionately trying to kill cops. A recent Harvard study actually determined that police officers are less likely to shoot a black suspect than a white suspect, when you take into account the context of the shooting.

These changes are likely to discourage officers from proactive policing. Officers will want to limit their contacts, which reduces the chances that they will need to use force. Limiting enforcement is exactly one of the goals that Black Lives Matter is pushing for.

The drop in policing may initially appear to show as an initial drop in crime, as more crimes go undetected due to lack of enforcement. However, the crime numbers will later begin to rise as the unenforced crime begins to spread and results in additional property crime and violent offenses.

  • Terry Charboneau Thompson

    Time to ask for a recusal of that judge.

  • Ilse Shaffer

    Actually, I think it will result in officers leaving that police force and seeking employment elsewhere. It will also result in deterring other officers from seeking employment there leading to a great shortage of Seattle police officers. The judge is out of touch and needs to lose his job.

    • GeneralIssue Joe

      Seattle PD apparently had no problem lining up cops to work Beyounce concert who everyone knows she is too is anti police and highly pro Black Lives Matter

  • Ein Vogel-frei

    Judge Robart = compromise appointee by Bush, forced by Harry Reid holding all appointees.

  • Tabludama

    A corrupt judiciary goes hand and hand with a corrupt media and academia. PC policing is already taking place in many liberal cites and this is just the latest battle. The ultimate goal of the Cultural Marxists is to replace a professional police force that protects and serves with leftist shock troops that will do the bidding of their ideological masters.

    • Damien M

      Or, simply have Federal control over local and urban PD’s. These consent decrees are a bunch of crap! No local authority should allow their PD to operate under Federal authority!

  • onepatriotblog

    Glad to see he has their backs…..How did we get to this place???


  • Sharon Fowler

    Judge should hire BLM to do the cops job, see how good they are, judge is an idiot.

  • Doug Packer

    It always amazes me that individuals as stupid as that judge can rise to positions of authority where intelligence would seem to be a prerequisite, with out actually having the intelligence part. Of course, this did happen in Washington state.

  • GeneralIssue Joe

    So much for leaving person opinion out your decisions. And apparently he hasn’t looked at all the facts.

  • lou59

    Throw his liberal lying ass off of the bench!!

  • Al Nolf

    He’s the Best Judge Money can buy. ( No fair trials, no facts considered, and no reasonable intelligence allowed in his court room ) Just good old fashioned Black Bias for all. Pay the Baliff.

  • AAA

    They are goofy there. Even the police are little much, calling themselves Social Workers.
    If black lives matter so much let’s really punish blacks who kill blacks. Death Penalty

  • ChiefD

    Exactly the reason the law needs to change, regarding life time appointments to a federal, including, supreme court judges. They need to face an election every 4 years like any other judge in superior or municipal courts.

  • David F. Podesta

    These shitbags will get what they want….No cops. Apparently this judge prefers anarchy, because that will be an unintended consequence of his idiotic remarks. Who would want to be a cop if they can be disciplined due to public whim, wether correct or not? I’d be out of there as fast as my little fat feet could carry me, and the hell with them all. Let them protect themselves. This is going to be fun to watch……

  • Eddie Coyle

    The urge at least would be to take one’s time getting to the judge’s house on a call….

  • Lynn B

    O’ Yeah there’s an IMPARTIAL Judge NOT this Judge –” Judge Robart” should be thrown off the bench and Disbarred !!!!!

  • Sunny

    Judge Robart is completely out of control. He is allowing his personal views to dictate law. This man needs to recuse himself. He also needs to be investigated; sounds like he is partial to BLM.