Doctor Dragged Off Flight Was Convicted Of Trading Drugs For Sex

Dr. David Dao was convicted of setting up a drugs-for-sex arrangement.(Poker News)

Dr. David Dao was convicted of setting up a drugs-for-sex arrangement.(Poker News)

Doctor David Dao Has A Disturbing Past

The United Airlines passenger who was dragged off of a flight has a felony criminal history. The doctor had been convicted of trading drugs for sex.

New York Post reports that the doctor on the now infamous dragging video, Dr. David Dao, 69, had previously been working as a doctor in Elizabethtown, Kentucky when he was convicted of trading prescription drugs for sexual favors from his male patient. Dao was arrested in 2003 after an undercover investigation.

According to New York Post, the medical board’s probe found that Dao had become sexually interested in a male patient who he had given a genital exam to. Dao then hired the man, Brian Case, as his office manager.

Case quit the job after Dao made inappropriate remarks. Dao pursued him and offered him prescription drugs in exchange for sex acts. The board found that the two would meet at hotel rooms in order for the exchanges to take place.

In 2004 Dao was convicted on multiple felonies stemming from the drugs for sex arrangement. He was only sentenced to five years of probation, and the medical board allowed him to continue to practice medicine.

It’s not clear if Dao is actually still practicing medicine. He appears to spend his time playing poker, and Dao’s profile on the World Series of Poker website shows that he earned $234,664 since he joined the poker circuit in 2006.

After the incident, Dr. David Dao spoke from his hospital bed, and when asked by a local reporter what his injuries were, he said “everything.” It’s not clear how “everything” got injured when he hit his lip on an armrest, but “everything” is presumably what the convict doctor is going to sue for.

David Dao’s criminal history is unrelated to the dragging incident; the security officer and police didn’t know his history at the time of the dragging, which has since become a PR nightmare for United Airlines.