VIDEO: Father Sets Up Sting To Catch 33-Year-Old Trying To Meet His Teen Daughter For Sex

A Del City father took care of a sexual predator who was trying to have sex with his 15-year-old daughter.

A Del City father took care of a sexual predator who was trying to have sex with his 15-year-old daughter.

Del City Man Captures Man Trying To Have Sex With His Daughter

Del City, OK – A 33-year-old man who showed up to have sex with a with a 15-year-old girl in her back yard met her family instead, and how he’s in jail, according to The Washington Post.

The juvenile’s father used a popular app known as ‘Family Time,’ to see what his daughter was up to.  The app allows parents to monitor their child’s phone calls and text messages, as well as block apps and games.

When this father used the app to check his daughter’s phone, he discovered that she and the suspect were exchanging sexually-explicit photos and messages. To catch the low-life, the father decided to set up his own sting.

He said that the sexual predator “had planned everything with her. He was ready, and we were, too.”

The father posed as his daughter online to set up the meeting according to WTVR.

According to Major Jody Suit of the Del City Police Department, “The family took it upon themselves to pretend to be [his daughter] and invite the suspect to the house to meet her in the back yard in a tent for the purpose of having sex.”

The suspect decided the risk was worth the reward, and on Thursday, June 22, he showed up in the juvenile’s backyard.  He lifted up the corner of the tent that had been set up, but the juvenile was not inside.  Instead, he came face-to-face with her stepmother, who was inside.  The father, a cousin, and a nephew were outside waiting, and they tackled the suspect.

The incident was captured on video, which showed the father zip-tying the suspect’s hands and feet, and then waiting on the police to arrive.  While waiting, the suspect confessed to the father that he was there to have sex with his daughter, and that it was their first time to actually meet.

The girl’s father had already reported the messages to police, but didn’t want to wait until there was actual physical contact between his daughter and the suspect.  Once police arrived, the suspect was arrested on charges of unlawful communication by the use of technology, and using a phone and social media to communicate with a minor.  He was not identified.

The father, daughter, and other family members were also not identified.  He said “I had to do what was right as a father.”

Police said that they don’t recommend parents setting up a sting. Chief Suit said, “As a parent, I don’t blame him. I think it’s your right to protect your children.”

The would-be juvenile victim was asleep throughout the sting, and totally unaware of what was going on in her backyard.

KOKO obtained the video of the sting, and you can see their coverage on it below: