Colorado Congressman Joseph Salazar Proposes Legislation To Make Colorado A Sanctuary State

Colorado State Rep. Joseph Salazar moves to make Colorado a sanctuary state.

Colorado State Rep. Joseph Salazar moves to make Colorado a sanctuary state.

Colorado Congressman Wants To Create Sanctuary State

Denver, CO –  Colorado State Congressman Rep. Joseph Salazar, D-Adams County, has plans to introduce a House Bill to make Colorado the first ‘sanctuary state’ in the nation.

According to The Denver Channel, Rep. Salazar plans to introduce “The Ralph Carr Freedom Defense Act” this month.  He said that the bill would “protect Colorado citizens from government overreach”, and that it is necessary because of the position of President-Elect Donald Trump.  Rep. Salazar further said “I’m going to take him for his words and actions in terms of his cabinet appointments, and we are going to prepare the state of Colorado to defend ourselves against it.”

A showdown is about to occur, according to Fox News, between President-Elect Trump’s incoming administration and sanctuary cities across the country who offer protection to illegal immigrants.  The President-Elect’s position on illegal immigration has been clear and preparations are being made by his administration to address the issue.

Border Patrol Agents caught almost 600,000 illegal immigrants in 2016 who were trying to enter the country via the nation’s southern border.  This is the highest total in almost eight years.  Chris Cabrera, of the National Border Control Council, said that the surge in illegal immigrants trying to get into the United States began after word was spread from the Obama administration that they could request asylum if they could get here.

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti recently announced the creation of the taxpayer-funded L.A. Justice Fund, “a multi-million dollar fund to provide legal assistance to immigrants facing deportation.”  He also said that the fund was for all illegal immigrants in the city, including those with criminal records.

Rep. John Culberson, a Republican Representative from Texas, said that federal law prohibits local and state law enforcement from refusing to share immigration status information with federal authorities, which is exactly what Salazar’s bill intends to do. Culberson also said the law will give President-elect Trump power to cut off funding to sanctuary cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Rep. Culberson, who is chairman of the powerful House Appropriations subcommittee overseeing the Department of Justice, said that he had personally persuaded current Attorney General Loretta Lynch to implement the new policy in July, 2016.  Approximately 100 cities designated as sanctuary cities will lose substantial federal funding if they refuse to cooperate in President-Elect Trump’s promised deportation efforts.

With all of the back and forth on immigration, law enforcement is again caught in the middle. When we pointed out that most local law enforcement agencies will not help deport illegal immigrants, people reacted with their ideas about how they think immigration enforcement works. When people react with no understanding of how immigration enforcement works, local police officers catch the blame for something that they have nothing to do with.

In the end, illegal immigrants present unique challenges for law enforcement, and while we will never fully eliminate these challenges, increasing numbers of illegal immigrants are taxing more law enforcement resources than ever. Creating sanctuary state bills and obstructing federal efforts to enforce immigration laws could make the situation worse.

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