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College Educators Worried Their Online Lectures May Be Exposed By Conservatives

College educators are worried their online lectures may be exposed by conservative websites.

A conservative news website that tries to expose liberal bias on college campuses posted a series of tweets from college professors who fear their lectures will become fodder on conservative websites.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many college classes are being moved on to the internet via online courses.

One college educator took to Twitter to warn professors that their lectures could end up on “right wing sites.”

Campus Reform posted screen shots of a tweet by Emily Farris, an associate professor at Texas Christian University, as well as other educators responding to Farris’ warning.

The tweet stated, “If you are recording a lecture on anything controversial, be prepared for right wing sites to ask students to share it.”

Farris’ Twitter account is now protected.

Campus Reform posted Twitter comments of other college educators who responded to Farris’ post.

Christen Rexing, LaSalle University Assistant Professor of Public Health, tweeted, “Oh boy, did not know this was an option.”

Rexing brought up topics professors discuss such as gun safety, women’s health and elections.

“Seems like flood gates could open,” she tweeted.

Stephanie Shady, a University of North Carolina political science graduate student, tweeted, “Annnnd I just realized that the second half of my course focuses on public opinion towards and politicization of immigration. This will be interesting.”

Jeffrey Lax, a Columbia University political science professor, tweeted, “I’ve been thinking about that.”

Lax questioned if students could record the lectures.

Other people commenting gave tips on how to make the lectures hard to find.

One commenter tweeted that the professors could post their lectures on YouTube as “unlisted” so they wouldn’t pop up in an online search and the only way people could view the video was if they had a direct link.

Another commenter suggested professors ask their colleges if they have Google Education Suite. That would limit access to the lectures to only students.

Tom Gantert - March Sat, 2020


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