WATCH: White SJW, Cindy Jaquith, Demands Police Not Have Black Police Cars, Because It Intimidates Black People

Cindy Jaquith argued that it was intimidating to black people to have black police cars.

Cindy Jaquith argued that it was intimidating to black people to have black police cars.

Cindy Jaquith Stands Up For Imaginary Issues About Black People

Bolton, MA – Social Justice Warrior Cindy Jaquith showed up at a Board of Selectmen (city council) meeting in the city of Bolton on May 25 to protest the color of the police cars being black, because she says it’s intimidating to black people.

Turtleboy pointed out the nutjob after video of the meeting was posted online. Turtleboy also calls her the “Most Insane White SJW Ever,” but I’m guessing he hasn’t seen Zarna Joshi.

As quoted by Turtleboy, Cindy Jaquith said:

“As white people we may not have that feeling, especially you as white males. But I can assure you that my daughter is quite intimidated by the dark police cars and the tinted windows, it’s a HUGE issue. And if you’re any person of color it’s an issue. So I would highly recommend going to the white cars.

People are concerned about it. There are a lot of people that are intimidated by it. In other towns I’ve lived in they’ve taken it quite seriously.”

“I wrote about my daughter. I agree with you that our police are great. But there are some people who see it as an issue. Other towns have seen it as an issue. This is not an unusual thing to have an issue with. People of color have an issue with it, and I’m afraid we are not people of color.”

According to Turtleboy, Cindy Jaquith has an adopted black daughter. After Cindy’s statements about he daughter being afraid of police, the police department reached out to her daughter, who said that her mother was a lair and she wasn’t afraid of black police cars.

That’s right, we’re dealing with a crazy white woman who is inventing non-existent issues so that she can speak on behalf of black people and pat herself on the back for being the world’s best Social Justice Warrior.

If you can stomach the madness, the video of her speaking is below: