Woman-Beater Chris Brown Outraged At President Trump’s Joke About Not Coddling Killers

Singer Chris Brown has numerous run-ins with police and has beaten singer/girlfriend Rihanna. He didn't find President Trump's joke funny.

Singer Chris Brown has numerous run-ins with police and has beaten his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. He didn’t find President Trump’s joke funny.

Chris Brown Beat On His Girlfriend But Has Profane Fit Over Trump Joke On Roughing Up Murderers

Singer Chris Brown, who has a history of violence toward women and run-ins with police, took offense to comments President Donald Trump made in a joke about the violent MS-13 gangs.

President Trump had joked about officers not holding gang members’ heads to keep them from accidentally bumping them when getting into the squad car. The news media subsequently reported this as the President telling police to beat suspects.

“WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FU–?????! HE GIVING POLICE MORE RIGHT TO FU– UP YOUNG BLACK MEN!!” Brown said in a profanity-filled post on Instagram, where he has 39 million followers.


Brown continued: “this is not how u make peace or any kind of help. Please wake up people!”

President Trump made no mention of race in his comments made in jest about not protecting suspected murderers when putting them in the police car.

Brown is a strange choice to be speaking out about violence considering his past history. He was arrested in August of 2016 on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Police responded to a woman’s 911 call at 3 AM at Brown’s California home. The woman claimed Brown waved a gun at her while he was looking at a piece of jewelry, according to CNN.

When police approached Brown’s Tarzana home, the singer wouldn’t let them in and there was a standoff. Eventually, Brown was arrested but the case never made it to trial.

Brown was put on five years of probation in 2009 for pleading guilty to felony assault on then girlfriend and singer Rihanna. When the website TMZ ran photos of Rihanna’s bruised, swollen face after Brown pummeled her, it sparked outrage among his fans.

Brown was then jailed for three months in 2014 for violating his probation by hitting someone outside a hotel.

Perhaps Chris Brown is afraid that police will mistreat him during his next arrest.