Chicago Police Sergeant Charles Artz Facing Discipline For Helping Three Homeless Children

Chicago PD Sergeant Charles Artz is facing discipline for helping get homeless children off of the streets.

Chicago PD Sergeant Charles Artz is facing discipline for helping get homeless children off of the streets.

Chicago PD Hero Charles Artz Under Attack From Own Agency

Chicago, IL – Chicago Police Sergeant Charles Artz is under internal investigation for helping three children that were found living in an abandoned home.

According to ABC7Chicago, the three children, all sisters, are known as the “Englewood Angels.”  They were found in early December, 2016 living in an abandoned building in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s south side.  One child, seven-year-old Destiny, had been abused.

Sergeant Artz set up a GoFundMe page for the three girls that raised over $100,000 in just two weeks.  He started the effort to raise money for the children after seeing the deplorable conditions that they were living in and to raise money and supplies for them.  Their grandmother Dolores Anderson, agreed to take them in.

The 53-year-old grandmother agreed to give up her temporary jobs to care for the children, who she said were “doing very well, picking up weight, eating good, sleeping better.”

Sergeant Artz received approval from his supervisors before starting the GoFundMe page.  Now he is being accused of violating department policy, specifically Rule 52 ‘which prohibits Officers from seeking or soliciting contributions of any kind from anyone.  The complaint was filed by CPD Internal Affairs Commander Robert Klimas.

Commander Robert Klimas

Commander Robert Klimas.

Chicago Police Sergeant’s Union President Jim Ade called the policy “outdated and obscure,” and said that it is just another way to lower morale even further.

One community activist and the Police Sergeant’s Union said that the internal investigation is sending the wrong message at a time when Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is calling for more positive interaction between the police and the community.

Even if he’s cleared, he will still have the complaint in his file.

The City of Chicago, including the Police Department has much larger issues to deal with, instead of an officer who went above and beyond to see that three children had a home, and who asked his supervisors for consent. Sounds like Sergeant Artz is being punished for doing the right thing.

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