Charles Coulson Vandalizes Officer Jason Harris’s Memorial the Same Day as Funeral

charles coulson

Charles Coulson vandalized Officer Jason Harris’s memorial on the day he was buried.

Memorial To Officer Jason Harris Vandalized By Charles Coulson

Spartanburg, SC – The same day that MPO Jason Harris was laid to rest, a Wofford University soccer player named Charles Coulson vandalized his memorial.

Hello everyone, Donut here.

I haven’t written anything on here in a while and I felt that this story needed a little special attention, considering how great of a person MPO Jason Harris was. I worked with Jason on the Spartanburg City Police Department for about 3 years, he helped train me when I started policing, and we were on the SWAT team together.

charles coulson

MPO Jason Harris, a pretty awesome guy.

Last week, Jason was responding to provide backup for his fellow officers when a car pulled out in front of his motorcycle. He was thrown from his bike and was so badly injured that the hospital had to give him over 55 pints of blood before he succumbed to his injuries a few days later on April 13th.


I drove up to Spartanburg yesterday to attend Jason’s funeral. It was an amazing service with well over 200 police officers and their families attending. The Spartanburg Chief of Police, my old boss, gave a wonderful speech. Major Littlejohn, my old SWAT commander, gave a very tearful speech that made all of the big tough police officers, and myself, cry like big babies. (Damnit Major, I held it together until you got up there, haha)

charles coulson

Officers from all over the country were there. A motor officer from Portland Oregon attended. Four motor officers from Fairfax, VA attended. A THP officer who used to be on SWAT with Jason and I came all the way from Texas to attend.

charles coulson

I just need to take a moment to point out that THP have badass uniforms.

We constantly screwed with Jason about a certain misfire he had years ago where he shot a can of pringles. We would leave pringles in his patrol car or put them up as targets on the range during training. Jason’s nickname on the SWAT team was (you’d never guess)…. Pringles.

charles coulson

The day jason passed away, a memorial was set up in front of Spartanburg City Hall. The memorial is Jason’s patrol vehicle, draped with a thin blue line flag that hundreds of people have signed. Several people have left flowers, some SWAT guys dropped by to leave Pringles.

charles coulson

Last night, the same day that my brothers and sisters put Jason into the ground in front of his wife and 3 children, a Wofford University soccer player named Charles Franklin Coulson thought it would be a good idea to get hammered drunk and vandalize the memorial.

Charles Coulson

Charles Coulson, a douche bag.

A downtown Spartanburg patrol officer spotted Charles Coulson tearing apart a wreath that was left at the memorial for Jason. He was quickly arrested and charged with littering and public disorderly conduct.

To Charles Coulson,

You may not realize it, but we were in the same bar last night. You know, the bar directly across from the memorial. Well, myself and about 30 of Jason’s closest friends.

charles coulson

Thank you to Delaney’s Irish Pub for hosting us.

If you would have asked any one of us in there about Jason, I don’t think anyone would have had a negative thing to say. You see, when you were kicking around a little ball, Jason was kicking in doors and protecting the community that you now live in. Jason was saving lives. Jason was fighting hardened criminals who would have loved to catch you in a dark ally in the middle of the night. Jason died a hero.

Even if mommy and daddy’s money somehow get you out of the charges, the community of Spartanburg will never forget this.

May your future decisions not be so damned stupid.

You prick.