War On Police

Danville Police Officers are being targeted by criminal gangs.

Gangs Declare War On Police, Threaten To Ambush And Kill Danville Police Officers

Danville, VA – After three Danville police officers were recently shot at by suspects in separate incidents, the police department has learned about gang members waging war on the police.

Terrorists showed up at UC Berkeley and started a riot.

EXCLUSIVE: UC Police In Berkeley Ordered To Stand Down As Helpless Victims Were Beaten In Front Of Them

We investigated the reasons why the police officers didn’t help at UC Berkeley riots – they were ordered not to.

Richard Vangorden's sentence was vacated by a New York appeals court after he tried to murder two police officers.

Court Vacates Conviction On Would-Be Cop-Killer Richard Vangorden Because Prosecutor Didn’t Prove Suspect’s Age

Bath, NY – A New York Appeals Court has overturned Attempted First-Degree Murder Convictions in the case of Richard Vangorden, who shot at New York State Troopers in 2011.

Cruiser's Grill owner Robert Handmaker was arrested in a prostitution sting.

Robert Handmaker Restaurant Owner Who Said Employees Spit In Officers’ Food Was Arrested In Bizarre Prostitution Case

Jacksonville, FL – Robert Handmaker recently disclosed to police officers that his employees spit in their food. It turns out, that Handmaker was previously arrested in a prostitution sting.

Assassination Plot Uncovered Targeting Eight Specific Police Officers In Pecos Valley Drug Task Force

Assassination Plot Uncovered Targeting Eight Specific Police Officers In Pecos Valley Drug Task Force

Eddy County, NM – A plot has been uncovered to assassinate eight Officers who work with the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force

Gary and Brenda Wright were charged with trying to murder police officers.

San Angelo Couple, Gary And Brenda Wright, Set Up Ambush To Murder San Angelo Officers

San Angelo, TX – A San Angelo couple, Gary and Brenda Wright, are in jail after planning an ambush against San Angelo Police Officers.

Cruiser's Restaurant reportedly has employees spitting in officers' food.

Cruiser’s Grill Restaurant Owner Tells Police Department That Employees Tamper With Officers’ Food

A restaurant owner, upset about a ticket for expired plates, told officers that their food was being tampered with.

A Golden Chick employee in Dallas refused service to an officer.

Golden Chick Restaurant Refuses Service To Police, Company Manager Responds Like A Boss

Dallas, TX – A Dallas Police Sergeant was refused service at the popular Golden Chicken Restaurant on Thursday.

Lt. Byram Hammonds (pictured) was left shocked at the light sentence given to Danny Lipscomb.

Would-Be Cop-Killer Danny Lipscomb’s Plea And Sentence A Mockery Of Justice For Gadsden Lt. Byram Hammonds

Gadsden, AL – Police Officers across the nation are troubled and angry after the light sentence for Danny Lipscomb was handed down on Monday.

Boston police officers' vehicles have been recently sabotaged

Boston Officers’ Personal Vehicles Being Sabotaged To Crash

Boston, MA – A security alert was issued this week to all Boston Police Officers from the Boston Police Department about officers’ vehicles being sabotaged.