War On Police

An IED was thrown at a police officer as he drove down the highway.

IED Thrown At A Raymore Police Officer As He Drove Down Highway

Raymore, MO – A Raymore Police Officer was not injured Thursday, August 17, after an unknown suspect threw an IED (small-improvised explosive device) at his cruiser.

Pregnant woman Zityrua Abraham told reporters police threw her to the ground. She changed her story once police released video that didn't support that.

VIDEO: Pregnant Woman Claims Police Threw Her On Stomach, Then Police Release Bodycam With Truth

Zityrua Abraham Changed Her Story Once Video Refuted Her First Statement Sacramento, California – Sacramento Police Department released video that doesn’t support the claim by a pregnant woman that police…

Jeremy Hollins was released by Judge Constance Sweeny.

Man Rams Police Cars, Tries To Run Over Officers, Gets Released By Judge Without Paying Bail

Springfield, MA – A suspect who was shot multiple times after trying to run over police officers was released on his own personal recognizance by a judge after being indicted for multiple charges.

An NYPD officer triggered a SJW who was blaming Trump for the Charlottesville attack.

VIDEO: NYPD Officer Makes Quick Joke to Heckler – SJW Completely Loses Her Mind

An NYPD officer made a joke to the anti-Trump social justice warriors who were heckling him, and it made at least one lose her mind …

Lucien Black (left) has hurt feelings after Officer Hy (right) said that the advice in his video can get people shot.

WATCH: Did The ‘World’s Worst Firearms Instructor’ Just Threaten A Police Officer’s Life?

Lucien Black (real name Michael Thervil,) AKA the “World’s Worst Firearm Instructor” appears to have had his feelings hurt after Buffalo Police Officer Richard Hy, AKA Angry Cop, posted a video criticizing one of Blacks videos.

Mancini Pizza is accused of writing "pig" on an officer's pizza box. They provided a photo of what they say is the offending box.

Mancini Pizzeria In New Jersey Accused Of Writing Insult On Officer’s Pizza Box

A New Jersey pizza restaurant is under a social media assault over a claim an employee wrote “pig” on a pizza box on Aug. 1, something the family owners say is a misunderstanding and inaccurate.

A police officer has challenged the owner of EAV Barbell Club to a fight.

Police Officer Challenges Anti-Cop Anti-Veteran Gym Owner To Fight

Atlanta, GA – As backlash against an Atlanta gym owner’s sign banning police officers from his gym continues to grow, a police officer has challenged the owner to a boxing match.

Conroe Police Chief Philip Dupuis was told to disarm or leave a doctor's office.

Doctor’s Office Tells Conroe Police Chief To Disarm Or Get Out

Conroe, TX – Conroe Police Chief Philip Dupuis is looking for a new ENT doctor after he was asked to leave a doctor’s office on Tuesday, August 8, because he was wearing his duty-issued firearm.

An Atlanta gym owner things he's doing something positive by excluding military veterans and police.

Atlanta Gym Owner Puts Up Sign, ‘No F—ing Cops’ – Tells Reporters: No Veterans Either

Atlanta, GA – The owner of the EAV Barbell Club has posted a sign that said no cops are allowed in his gym.

Alien Gear Holsters' CEO gave support to Lt. Allan's family.

Alien Gear Holsters CEO Helps Family Of Lt. Allan – Clears Air On Response To Police Shooting

The CEO of Alien Gear Holsters, Thomas Tedder, has done something that no other company CEO has done before after having an employee criticize the police, he reached out to help an actual law enforcement family in need.