War On Police

A masked group of rioters smashed property and attacked police outside of the Allegheny County Jail.

Large Group Of Masked Rioters Attack Police Outside Allegheny County Jail, 11 Arrested

Pittsburgh, PA – A violent riot outside of the Allegheny County jail and the Municipal Court Building…

Video shows a Phoenix officer struggling with Delores Imboden outside of Walmart.

VIDEO: Crowd Threatens Anybody Who Tries To Help Officer While He Fights With Suspect Alone

Phoenix, Arizona – A Phoenix Police Department officer was captured on video fighting with unruly suspect, Delores Imboden, while surrounded by a hostile crowd.

Chicago PD Sergeant Charles Artz is facing discipline for helping get homeless children off of the streets.

Chicago Police Sergeant Charles Artz Facing Discipline For Helping Three Homeless Children

Chicago, IL – Chicago Police Sergeant Charles Artz is under internal investigation for helping three children that were found living in an abandoned home.

Aramis Ayala has a history of being anti-police and pro-criminal.

Markeith Loyd Prosecutor Aramis Ayala’s Social Media Shows History Of Cop Hate

Orlando, FL – A glimpse of State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s history shows a bias against law enforcement.

State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced that she wouldn't seek death penalty against Markeith Loyd.

Goverment Officials Respond To State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s Refusal To Seek Death Penalty For Markeith Loyd

Orlando, FL – Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced on Thursday that she will no…

State Attorney Aramis Ayala (left) is refusing to seek the death penalty for Markeith Loyd (right.)

State Attorney Aramis Ayala To Announce She Won’t Seek Maximum Sentence For Markeith Loyd

Orlando, Florida – State Attorney Aramis Ayala is expected to hold a press conference on Thursday announcing that she will not…

A Riviera Beach Police Department captain has a problem with the thin blue line flag.

Riviera Beach Police Captain Orders Removal Of Blue Line Flags From Officers’ Personal Cars

Riviera Beach, FL – A Riviera Beach Police Department captain didn’t appreciate his police officers from openly showing support for law enforcement.

Snoop Dog's newest music video depicts President Trump being "shot."

Snoop Dog Releases Anti-Cop Music Video Where He ‘Shoots’ ‘F-ing Clown’ President Trump

Snoop Dog has released a new music video which follows an anti-police theme and Snoop “shoots” President Trump.

Portland Fire EMTs will no longer be working with police at riots after a SJW complaint.

Portland Fire Chief Pulls EMTs From Working With Police At Riots Because They Aren’t ‘Taking Sides’

Portland Chief Mike Meyers Puts Politics Above Safety Portland, OR – Portland Fire & Rescue Chief Mike Meyers has stopped the city’s emergency medical team from working with officers at riots…

Officer Anthony Federico was indicted for assaulting two men who attacked him.

Two Men Team Up And Attack Officer Anthony Federico, Officer Hits Them, Then Officer Gets Arrested For ‘Beating’ Suspects

Long Island, NY – Rockville Centre Police Officer Anthony Federico was indicted on felony assault charges for hitting suspects who attacked him.