War On Police

A Portland protester learned the hard way that outrage doesn't protect them against arrest.

ACLU Demands Portland Police Officers Stop Wearing Riot Gear

Portland, OR – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has now demanded that the Portland Police Department stop using riot gear in response to protests and potential riots.

High Five Friday with Northampton Police Department was canceled after complaints.

School’s ‘High Five Friday’ With Cops Canceled Because Of Fear Of The Police

Northampton, MA – A positive program that allowed brief interaction with high fives between elementary school students and the Northampton Police Department has ended.

Rep. Clay Announces Plans To File Lawsuit To Have Offensive Painting Rehung In Capitol

Rep. Clay Announces Plans To File Lawsuit To Have Offensive Painting Rehung In Capitol

Washington, D.C. – The fight over the anti-police painting that once hung in the nation’s Capitol has fired up again.

Tri-Star Risk Management trying to back out of obligation to police hero Carlton Marshall.

Tri-Star Risk Management Attempting To Cancel Care For Quadriplegic Dallas SWAT Lieutenant Carlton Marshall

Dallas, TX – Former Dallas SWAT Lieutenant Carlton Marshall has tried his best to move on with his life after a line of duty shooting that left him a quadriplegic.

Sidney Porter (pictured) will be released after a ligth sentence for beating Officer Frank Ward to death.

Cop-Killer Sidney Porter To Be Released Because of Legal Errors

Grant County, OR – Sidney Porter, the killer of John Day Police Officer Frank Ward, will soon regain his freedom.

Kelli Davis called police "thugs in blue" and then blamed hackers.

Memphis Counselor Kelli Davis Calls Police ‘Thugs in Blue,’ Accused Of Leaking Their Personal Information

Counselor Kelli Davis made her views about police known when she posted on social media that they were “thugs in blue.”

Spokane Arena disarmed Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich before allowing him entry.

Spokane Arena Disarms On-Duty Sheriff At Law Enforcement Charity Hockey Game

Spokane, WA – When Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich showed up to a law enforcement benefit charity hockey game, he wasn’t expected to be disarmed, but that’s exactly what happened on Saturday night.

Richmond Officer David Cobb was convicted in the shooting of Paterson Brown.

Officer David Cobb Convicted Of Shooting Paterson Brown

Chesterfield County, VA – Richmond Police Officer David Cobb was convicted on Thursday for the October 2015 shooting of 18-year-old Paterson Brown.

Auburn Officer Luis Santos was intentionally hit by Matthew Ostrander's car.

Matthew Ostrander Arrested After Intentionally Running Down Officer Luis Santos With Car

Auburn, MA – Matthew Ostrander was taken into custody after he intentionally swerved to run over Auburn Police Officer Saturday afternoon.

Danville Police Officers are being targeted by criminal gangs.

Gangs Declare War On Police, Threaten To Ambush And Kill Danville Police Officers

Danville, VA – After three Danville police officers were recently shot at by suspects in separate incidents, the police department has learned about gang members waging war on the police.