Video shows that the Miguel Richards shooting was clearly justified.

VIDEO: NYPD Released First Bodycam Shooting Video Of Creepy AF Suspect Getting Shot

New York City – For the first time ever, NYPD released body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting.

Caleb Sharpe was identified as the Freeman High School shooter.

VIDEO: High School Shooter Identified – Posted Video Staging Shootout With Friend

Spokane County, WA – The Freeman High School shooter has been identified as Caleb Sharpe, a sophomore at the school.

Wilford Burgess was captured on video throwing a trespasser off of his roof.

VIDEO: ‘I’m Going To The Roof, That Sucker’s Coming Off’ 83-Year-Old Ends Police Standoff By Throwing Suspect Off Roof

La Puente, CA – An 83-year-old grandfather got tired of waiting for the police to end a standoff with a man on his roof, so he went up and handled it personally.

The University of Virginia was founded by Thomas Jefferson, and now the students and faculty are calling him a white supremacist rapist.

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Covers UVA Thomas Jefferson Statue With Tarp, Issue Demands

Charlottesville, VA – On Tuesday night, September 12, a crowd of about 100 Black Lives Matter activists, all students, faculty, and local residents, gathered at the statue of Thomas Jefferson on the campus of the University of Virginia, and issued a list of demands for the University.

A Broward County Sheriff's Office had to shoot a looter on Sunday.

VIDEO: Sheriff Leaves A Message For Looters After Deputy Shoots Home-Invasion Looter

Broward County, FL – Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel posted a message for looters after one of his deputies was forced to shoot a looter.

Miami police took down looters at gunpoint on video.

VIDEO: Miami Looters Get Taken Down At Gunpoint

Miami, FL – A group of looters in Miami didn’t get far while trying to far with their newly-acquired shoes when the police showed up and took them down at gunpoint.

Thieves are taking advantage of hurricane Irma to loot shoes.

VIDEO: Miami Looters Scatter Like Cockroaches When Police Arrive

Miami, FL – Looters in Miami have been taking advantage of Hurricane Irma to steal as many shoes as they can get their hands on.

Antifa started attacking police at a Portland Patriot Prayer Rally on Sunday.

UPDATING LATEST: Antifa Attacking Police In Portland At Rally w/Video

Portland, OR – Antifa counter-protesters, who showed up to protest a Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, became violent and attacked police officers on Sunday at around 1:20 PM.

At least 8-9 people are looting multiple stores in Fort Lauderdale.

VIDEO: While People Seek Shelter, Multiple Stores Are Being Looted In Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – At least three stores have reportedly been looted in Fort Lauderdale as criminals take advantage of Hurricane Irma.

Video proof that Glendale Officer Anthony Cano is a BAMF gunfighter.

VIDEO: Suspect Goes From Non-Compliance To Shooting – Didn’t Realize Cop Was BAMF Gunfighter

The Glendale Police Department released video of a man who opened fire on police who were checking on him after his car was stopped on the side of the road.