Daniel Berry attacks Union County Deputy on video.

Video: Prisoner Daniel Berry Learns The Hard Way Why You Don’t Headbutt The Police

New Albany, Mississippi – Ole Miss student Daniel Berry learned the consequences of headbutting a law enforcement officer.

Adam Mueller, AKA Ademo Freeman, was arrested for drug trafficking.

Cop Block Founder Adam Mueller Arrested For Drug Trafficking; You Can Bet It Was Caught On Video

Warren County, OH – Cop Block founder Adam Mueller, also known as Ademo Freeman, was arrested Thursday night in Lebanon, Ohio, for multiple felony drug charges.

A semi crushed a Wyoming Highway Patrol car in this video.

Video: Semi Squashes Wyoming Highway Patrol Car Like Bug

Elk Mountain, Wyoming – A dash camera video shows the horrifying moment when a semi-truck was blown over by the wind, right on top of a Wyoming Highway Patrol car.

Bodycam footage shows Joseph Moreno and Alamogordo Officer Clint Corvinus killed in gunfight.

WATCH: Bodycam Footage Of Alamogordo Officer Clint Corvinus’s Murder By Joseph Moreno Released

Alamogordo, New Mexico – Professional dirtbag Joseph Moreno murdered hero Alamogordo Police Officer Clint Corvinus in September 2016, and now the bodycam footage from that incident has been released.

Officer David Kinland won the gunfight with Curtis Deal.

WATCH: Baltimore PD Bodycam Video Shows Officer Win Gunfight With Curtis Deal By Smallest Fraction Of A Second

Baltimore, MD – A Baltimore PD officer’s exceptional reaction time saved him from being gunned down in the street, as he fired just a hair faster than Curtis Deal.

First Aid for gunshot wounds.

What To Do: First Aid The First 30 Seconds After You’re Shot

Our friends at Readyman put together a training video that teaches us how to handle first aid ford traumatic injuries such as gunshot wounds.

Two "open carry" idiots walked into Dearborn PD looking like they were ready to carry out an attack.

Two Masked Men Armed With Rifles, Wearing Tactical Vests, Walk Into Dearborn PD To ‘File Complaint’

Dearborn, MI – Two men walked into the Dearborn Police Department on Sunday afternoon while armed with rifles and wearing tactical vests; it didn’t go over well.

Officer Wilkerson said that he wished he had been able to take Lt. Steven Floyd's place.

Lt. Steven Floyd Saved Other Officers In Prison Riot Warning Them Of Trap

Smyra, DE – Corrections Sergeant Steven Floyd was posthumously promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and he was awarded the medal of valor for saving his colleagues during a prison riot on Wednesday.

Video shows the domestic violence assault by Dorian Chavez Anguiano.

Video Shows Domestic Violence Victim Knocked Out By Abuser, Dorian Chavez Anguian, Then Lies In Court About it

San Diego, CA – Video captured the moment when Dorian Chavez Anguiano brutally attacked his girlfriend, knocking her unconscious, and dragging her limp body.

A woman claiming to be a professor verbally attacked NYPD officers for enforcing the law.

Video: Professor Gets Triggered, Goes Absolutely Crazy Yelling At Police During NYU Riot

New York City – One woman who claimed to be a New York University Professor screamed and cussed out the NYPD at a lecture on Thursday night.